Prius CM500 Critical Care Bed

By: Claveguard  05-Apr-2012

The Prius CM500 Critical Care bed has all the functions you could want in a fully featured critical care bed.

Low height:                    An exceptional low height of 260mm.
Infection Control:          Designed to be easy to clean and decontaminate.
Manoeuvrability:           Lightweight casters make it easy to manoeuvre.
Service:                         Open accessibility means all changes can be carried out on site within a few minutes by one person.

  • Safe working load 250 kg
  • Electrically operated height, tilt, backrest, knee-break and calf section adjustment
  • Cardiac chair position
  • Trendelenburg tilt 12° and reverse Trendelenburg 12°
  • Split side rails with integrated controls – inside for patient, and outside for carer
  • Fully featured foot end control panel
  • Digital weigh scale
  • Exit alarm
  • One touch safety rapid override buttons for CPR and Trendelenburg
  • Battery back up

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