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By: Claveguard  05-Apr-2012

DVT Prophylaxis System | ClaveGuard

Vena Press

The very best for patients

Patient Comfort
We designed the VENA PRESS® garments to provide the ultimate in comfort. Firstly, they are lined with the softest and most pliable 100% PU material we could find. Secondly, the open weave ensures that patients’ limbs remain cool and moisture free to reduce risk of skin maceration. Finally, we made sure that the Velcro closures allow complete freedom to fit and adjust to each individual patient. Nurses tell us these are the nicest garments they have seen.

Whisper Quiet
The VENA PRESS® System is noticeably more quiet than other pumps. This is especially advantageous during the night time where it encourages patient compliance and guarantees restful recuperation. Also, because the garments are so cool, there is no need for noisy cooling pumps.

Skin Safe
All VENA PRESS® garments are 100% PVC and LATEX FREE to minimize any risk of skin irritation.

The very best for clinicians

Full Clinical Versatility
The VENA PRESS® System is a 3-in-1 design which provides choice of foot, calf or thigh compression, ensuring you can provide the right therapy for each patient. You can also provide single-limb compression. Pumps are available in either Intermittent or Sequential versions.

Easy to Use
Fully automated garment detection and setup – true plug and play use. Just turn it on and it works. Easy to apply garments with velcro fasteners to ensure optimal fit and simple adjustment for different leg shapes and sizes. Range of different air hose lengths to accommodate all situations with secure connectors. Convenience of battery power when in transit.

We put safety first

Real-time Pressure Display
Displays actual pressures being delivered – providing the clinician with reassurance of therapy delivery. No more guesswork whether the patient is receiving the correct therapy.

Compliance Timer
Therapy timer allows the caregiver to monitor active therapy time. This provides certainty that the patient has been receiving therapy. It is also very useful when the pump has been found turned off, as it is now possible to determine how long the patient was missing therapy.

Safety Monitoring
The VENA PRESS® System has comprehensive safety monitoring to alert the user to any interruption in therapy. In the event of an alarm, the specific problem is diagnosed and indicated on the alarm panel which allows the caregiver to rectify the problem immediately. Again, no more guesswork.

Operating Panel

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