Creating a-wear-ness through products

By: Cj International  06-Dec-2011

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  • Uniforms, business clothes, casual clothes, polos, promo items.
  • Leather goods, travel luggage & bags.
  • Men's / school / club ties, branded woven fabrics..
  • In short anything "fabric" related to the promotion of your image.
  • Creating A-Wear-Ness.

Casual 2 Corporate

Create the "image a-wear-ness" that gets noticed.

There is just too much competition to remain un-noticed in the market place!
Create the "corporate a-wear-ness" that stands out.
One needs a perception change, away from a "quiet understated image" to "elegant attraction"..

-- Uniforms add value to your image, be they casual or corporate --

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We source the latest specials from all our supplier, and pass it on to you

. .

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Promotional & gifts

Create the "image a-wear-ness" that gets remembered.
Customers love to be remembered - promo them. Promote your company with branded items!

  • Picnic blankets
  • Leather goods
  • Travel luggage

Create the "loyalty a-wear-ness" that builds a corporate culture.

Loyal members of your team are your biggest asset? Reward them AND promote your company at the same time!
Learn about the importance of a corporate culture in the workplace by

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Create the "image a-wear-ness" one stitched at a time.
Wear your logo on everything, in colour, with pride.

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Branded fabrics - upholstery & tie fabrics

Upholstery fabrics-

Create the "image a-wear-ness" that gets covered.

Does your reception area reflect the quality and look of your company image?
Cover the sofas and chairs at reception in your very own branded upholstery fabric and make a statement?
Your logo and company colours woven into the fabric
Cover your office dividers, office chairs, drapes and curtaining etc.

Decorate the board room with the magic touch of your own company colours and logo.

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Tie fabrics-

Create the "image a-wear-ness" that has you tied up.

Men's, school, club & fashion ties.

Designer ties - your own logo and colours. Design or choose your own look.

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Art in the workplace-

Creating aesthetics, art and ambience.

Combining art and the working environment creates an ethos a company can be proud of.

Hand made in New Zealand by owner and partner, Cynthia Korb, adds her creative touch

to "dressing people and places", creating brand A-Wear-Ness

More about Cynthia's tallents, Creating

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Corporate-A-Wear-Ness with service

Minor mending will be done free of charge to garments supplied by us for 12 months after purchase. We have a full range of our own patterns and styles, designed for the business person. Let us create a unique look for your image, designed for success.