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By: City Dental  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Teeth, Fillings, Porcelain

Composite resin (plastic) is suitable for smaller cavities and porcelain may be a stronger solution in heavily decayed or filled teeth.


These teeth are typical of the average NZ mouth -  big old amalgam fillings, some larger white composite fillings and smaller black fillings with cracks in teeth.

Amalgam contributes to stress fractures in teeth and we commonly find internal fractures in teeth with moderately sized silver fillings.  Composite or plastic fillings are not always the best solution in big holes either.  In this case we designed 3 porcelain overlays to replace worn old fillings, deal with cracks and add strength.


We use either laboratory made porcelain or our in-house one-step CEREC 3D milled porcelain.

Keywords: Composite Resin, Fillings, Porcelain, Teeth

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City Dental at Quay Park, everyone deserves a dream smile - high tech dentistry

Conventional porcelain dentistry involves taking an impression of teeth and waiting up to two weeks for the final work to return from the laboratory. We now know that dental decay is a complex disease caused by about 30 strains of bad bacteria that live alongside good bacteria in the mouth. The mercury amalgam is separated before waste water is discharged into public sewers and the amalgam is disposed by collection agencies.