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We supply all the major brands including HP and IBM, as well as a ‘custom build’ solution to your exact specifications.  From budget systems for the lighter office user, to fully integrated CAD workstations, contacts us to discuss your specific requirements and we will quote you on a system to suit.

If it's mobile computing solutions you’re after, from sub-notebooks that weigh just over 1kg to high performance units with 17” displays, we can supply to your needs.  Notebooks outsell PC’s worldwide and are quickly becoming ‘desktop replacements’, so we also supply the full range of accessories to get the most from your mobile experience  

HP, Canon, Lexmark & Kyocera
are but a few of the printer brands we supply.  From colour inkjets to fully automated ‘multifunction’ units that print, scan, copy, fax and even staple!  We can give technical advice on which printer would best suit so contact us to discuss your printer needs.

With international ‘hackers’ becoming more prevalent, it’s imperative you protect your network from external unwanted intrusion.  Citcom can supply a single PC router or design a complex site-to-site solution to enable your branch offices to communicate at full Internet speed.  We can also recommend the type of Internet connection will best suit your business needs.

Backup and Restore technology has taken huge leaps over recent times allowing you to recover from a complete Server failure in a matter of hours  which can save your business from unproductive ‘downtime’.  Solutions can also be included for mobile users for on-the-go backups.
As the price per GB of storage continually decreases, it’s very inexpensive to add storage for your network by either installing it directly into your Server or as a separate NAS or SAN device that sits on your network and is available to all users.  Call us to discuss a solution that suits your needs.

Gigabit, managed, unmanaged, rack? We supply the entire range of switching solutions regardless of your needs, be they big or small.  Cisco, 3Com and Linksys are our chosen brands due to their excellent reliability and performance characteristics. But if you require specific brands we can assist.ANTIVIRUS and MALWARE PROTECTION
Microsoft, MYOB, CA, Marshal are just some of the applications Citcom can supply… we supply over 100 brands of application and system software to suit almost any need you have. So whether it's a simple MS Office Upgrade or a complete Financial System we can assist.

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Network/Server Support Maintenance of servers is a critical part of our support service and as such we have developed a more pro-active approach via our Managed Services offering. Citcom provide a wide range of service which are designed to assist with all your current and future IT Needs. This includes remote monitoring, remote access and on-site support services. Hardware & Software Server Recovery Service.