Mount Gabriel Christmas Tree Farms

By: Christmas Trees  06-Dec-2011

When you arrive at the tree farm there two different ways that you can purchase your tree.

Take a walk around the trees and choose the one that’s perfect for you. Some like them tall and thin and others like them short and fat. Some people like their tree tight and thick while others more open and wide looking. Take your time if you wish or just rush in and rush out. The choice is yours. When you have decided on your tree one of our staff will price it and then cut and wrap it for you while you watch. You can’t get it fresher than that.

Pre-cut Trees

We also have on site a selection of trees that we have been pre-cut on the day which you can choose from if you are pressed for time or if you can’t deal with the frustration of deciding between so many options.

Wrapping Your Tree

To protect your tree while transporting it and to minimize the problem of how to get you tree in the car we offer a free bailing service to all our customers. The tree is fed though the bailer trunk first and when it emerges from the other end is firmly held in a compacted state by a nylon mesh bag. This not only protects you tree but will greatly reduce the needles left behind in your car and in the house as you carry the tree up the hall way. We suggest that you stand your tree up in its stand and water it before you remove the mesh.

Tree bailer in action.

Reserving Trees

We also offer a tagging service where by you can pre select a tree and collect it at a later date. This is done by writing your name and contact details on a tag which are available on site. Choose your tree then tie the tag around the trunk of tree so the staff with saws can see it. Then you can return at your own convenience for your tree at a later date.

Tree Recycling

At the end of the christmas season, drop your tree off at any of our farms, free of charge, even if it didn’t come from us. We then mulch the trees to spread over our field.