Christmas Gifts - Chocolate Boutique Limited

By: Chocolate Boutique  06-Dec-2011

DELIVERY CUT OFFS OUT OF AUCKLAND Outside Auckland metro area our couriers cannot deliver before christmas any orders that arrive after noon on thursday 23rd and even then it is cutting it fine.

LOCAL AUCKLAND DELIVERIES We can send our local courier within the Central Auckland Area on 24th, but many businesses have already closed for the break and deliveries become very difficult. Residential should be fine. 

AFTER CHRISTMAS You can send an order with a "Hope you had a lovely christmas which would go out on 29th December.  

There is a good choice of gifts we get in October November each year, and those we make up ourselves.  Gifts from $6 upwards

All items can be wrapped or decorated with christmas trimmings so check the entire categories for the suitable price point and product and request a christmas theme

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011