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By: Cherry Bishop  05-Apr-2012
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BLOG 13:03:2012

About 10 years ago I attended a lecture at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. It was to hear a gentleman talk about "Fashion Predictions" or what we would all be wearing in the years to come.

In the fashion industry there are companies who's business is informing other businesses as to what they should be designing or trying to sell in the future. When you are a very large company your manufacture is planned 3-5 years in advance and so you need to know this quite badly. A predictions company will tell you what you should be doing and they will charge you a lot of money for the service.

The gentleman,who was from New Yorks' absolutely top predictions company delivered his lecture, gave us some of his more short term predictions and then canvassed the audience for anything he might have missed.

There were quite a few ideas and mostly he agreed with them. (One popular idea at the time, was the return of shoulder pads or at least a more pronounced shoulderline sillhouette, and of course that has now happened everywhere and is quite mainstream.Towards the end of things I put my hand up and volunteered something I had been thinking would happen for a little while. The man frowned and looked uncomfortable so I asked him if he thought I was wrong.he laughed and said no it was not that, it was just that it was a very advanced 10 year fashion prediction he and his company had been saving up to sell for lots of money to big fashion information buyers for major money and I had so to speak, in front of hundreds of F.I.T. fashion afficionados "let the cat out of the bag". In any case one nice thing about the years passing is getting to see your predictions come true so here is Esther Cronin in her leather shorts when she recently came to visit me at my K Rd store. Dosn't she look just a million dollars and all so completely without trying? Just a  little bit sleepy,I don't think she had had her coffee yet.

BLOG 08:02:2012

The trick to making a blog as I have discovered lately, is being in the right place at the right time WITH A CAMERA. Often I am driving down the road and see some  well dressed individual but just cannot manage to stop in time to leap out of my car with a camera and divert their attention in time to take a snap,not without causing a traffic accident in any case.

Imagine my delight one evening night last week,when I had just parked outside my apartment and was unloading all my stuff from my car boot when I glimpsed Petra walking by wearing these amazing little overalls,(she says she has several pairs) complete with black lace up Docs (which I am also partial to) and with perfect little red socks.

She told me she is a fashion student at A.U.T and works part time at Global textiles,she showed me some nice grey fabric she had bought to make pants with. Lets hope they go well. Anyway here she is looking very effortlessly chic right outside the Spanish style Deco apartments on Mt Eden Rd. 

Just loved this girl who came into my store wearing this very voluminous shirt perfectly styled with great details at the back. She said she was studying art history . Are't they always?

I had a project for my holidays. It was to finish the patchwork quilt I have been working on for about two years. I made it out of the scraps I have kept from cutting all of the dresses for my store. I hate to think of any of that fabric going to waste and hoard it in my back cupboard planning to make a series of masterwork patchwork quilts I have been dreaming about. Here is the first of them. Only a little way to go now.  All done small sewing needle and a reel of thread.I have estimated it is composed of about one hundred and fourty thousand tiny hand stitches .I still have a little way to go until completion but not far.....

In between quilting I played house and worked in my kitchen. Basically I spent nothing (and I mean nothing) and just re-arranged all the old stuff I had lying around. This was done with the aid of a few strong lattes from the new coffee machine I got for Christmas from my far wealthier sister.Here are the results of my labour.

Lately I have been obsessing about sailor themes, in particular sailor collars. They just look so fresh and perfect at the moment especially with contrast trim. I found this picture I took of a girl at my show who's stripe sailor top was so cool. The whole look actually right down to the blond top knot, asymetrical skirt and neutral color shoes under little grey socks was just perfect. I have to get some sailor collars integrated into my work soon ?   

Keywords: Fashion Institute

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