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By: Challenge Trust  05-Apr-2012

Packages of Care Services

Challenge Trust’s Packages of Care Services (POC) provides intensive, community based recovery services for people with mental illness who have recovery and support needs. The Packages of Care services are individualised and can be short term or long term, depending on the level of mental health support needs.

Packages of Care provide flexible solutions for people who require support to live in the environment and/or community of their choice, while encouraging them to manage their own lives.

Clients referred to Challenge Trust are between 17 and 65 years old and the criteria for accessing Packages of Care Services are determined by the contractual obligations Challenge Trust has with the District Health Boards.

An Inside View

Every day is different. You never quite know where you will be going and what residents will want to do, despite all the planning we do. Often residents change their mind at the last minute and we need to be very flexible about this and ensure we provide them the best service.

What I Iike most about my job is the support of the team – there’s always lots of laughter and you know that if something bad happens then people will always be there for each other.

Another great thing is that we get to see clients making huge steps forward. It is so rewarding to see people finally getting jobs, houses, or starting training courses.

A Success Story

Phil was referred to the Service Team following a long stay in an in-patient unit. He had lost all of his possessions and his home while in hospital. He essentially was starting out again from scratch. Phil had no job, no money. He was also struggling to manage an addiction to alcohol and had limited ability to look after his basic needs.

Staff supported him almost every day on his initial return to the community, finding him a flat prior to leaving hospital and then helping him get some basic items such as a bed, sofa, fridge, and a TV set. Staff also helped him to go shopping, set a basic budget, and encourage him to get involved in a training course. Gradually Phil’s dependence on alcohol reduced and he started to take more care of his appearance and personal hygiene.

Twelve months later along his recovery journey Phil is now working part-time in a garden centre. His flat looks and feels like a home and although he still enjoys a drink, this is no longer a daily occurrence and does not affect his entire life. Staff only need to visit once a week and are continuing to support him in his new goals of finding full-time work and saving up for a holiday in Australia.

News and Events

Recovery services are designed to help people live meaningful lives within the community of their choice.

Favourite Blogs

Recovery services are designed to help people live meaningful lives within the community of their choice.

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Challenge Trust – Working Together Towards Recovery

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He has maintained a healthy relationship with members of his family and lives near the residential services and is comfortable approaching staff there if support is required. He learned new cooking skills, attended a tramping group, attended a walking group, gained work experience, became independent with medication and successfully lost weight.


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