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By: Celsius It  06-Dec-2011

research and development

We design for the real world, in real time. Not just scientific concepts, we produce commercial realities. We are small and highly responsive. You'll always get the A team: the business owners with the broad experience, comfortable in the lab or the boardroom. PhDs will be doing your work, not just managing your projects. You get insightful input and design expertise. You get a far lower cost of investment. You get your dream product out there.

And you have the option of fully owning the unencumbered intellectual property developed throughout the project.

We can work as part of your team. We can become your "staff" as you pitch to clients and investors. We can partner in a joint venture. We can even produce a finished product you can take to market.


Our core services are electronic hardware, embedded systems, and software design and development. We pride ourselves in providing elegant solutions and that exceed our clients specifications. The development may relate to prototypes, short-run products or large scale manufacturing.  We are able to provide advice as to the manufacturing, marketing and product licensing. Our ability to learn new technologies and integrate these with existing systems means that we don't have to choose a narrow field of work. We are experienced in designing new products and/or extending the application or serviceability of an existing product.

Often we have to learn so much about a unique intersection of technologies that we end up being leading developers in the area. We undertake to transfer this technology and understanding to your in-house staff as required.

We've successfully undertaken the technological developments for many government-funded projects.

A brief list of services we offer is given below:

  • Embedded systems development
  • Electronic hardware design
  • PCB layout and manufacture
  • Plastics prototyping, tool design, tooling, manufacture
  • Software development (any language or technology) for Windows/Unix/DOS/or any Microprocessor
  • Product design (concept through prototype to final product)
  • Management of outsourced manufacturing
  • Liason with mechanical designers
  • Liason with international standards testing facilities (safety, radio interference; CE, TÜV, UL etc.)
  • Integration of hardware/software with existing or new IT systems
  • Integration of communications technologies with hardware/software/IT-systems
  • Contracted or joint-venture approach


Our people are what differentiates Celsius from its competitors. You get direct access to the best. Two Ph.Ds, supported by experienced computer scientists, backed by ancillary staff. We're the cost-effective, trustworthy way to get the expertise and design skills you want, for as little or as long as you need.

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Celsius IT | Inductive Power Transfer

The design is particularly applicable where flexible transmitters are required, or a lightweight solution is necessary – without the cost of shielding. If you have existing patents or licenses, we can work with you in designing a system that incorporates the appropriate technologies. Developing demonstration systems is not a problem, and we are experienced with low-power and high-power IPT applications.


Celsius IT | Monitoring

In addition to the transmission method, we then work to store and process the data – usually involving a database (usually MS SQL Server or MySQL), processing backend, and web-or-application interface. Our solutions have been in fixed and mobile applications – by alarm companies, delivery vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, manufacturing sites, and storage facilities.