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By: Celsius It  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Inductive Power Transfer

inductive power transfer

One of our core specialties is the development of inductively powered and inductively coupled systems. This includes the ability to transfer data across the same inductively coupled interface.

A selection of applications we have designed for:

  • Vehicle charging (automotive industry)
  • Vehicle charging (educational/entertainment/recreational applications)
  • On-road LED markers
  • Architectural lighting
  • Emergency lighting and signage
  • Vehicle control lighting (e.g. parking buildings)


Celsius can provide design services for an entire IPT system including generator, transmitters, and pickups. We can appraise and improve existing designs, or start afresh with a new design to meet your requirements. Our designs can include over-track communications. And we can organise testing and certification of the end product. Developing demonstration systems is not a problem, and we are experienced with low-power and high-power IPT applications. We even accept one-off art commissions.

If you have existing patents or licenses, we can work with you in designing a system that incorporates the appropriate technologies. Alternatively, we can assist you in the licensing process and selection of partners and licensors. And, as with all our services, you have the option of unencumbered IP ownership resulting from Celsius' developments.


FlexiMatt: Unique IPT Charging Mat Design (Patent Pending)

This technology can be manufactured at low cost, and provide an environmentally friendly slant on your product. The design produces a single-sided electromagnetic field without the use of shielding. It is often highly desirable to limit wasted power, reduce intereference with other systems, or to reduce spurious radiation into biological tissue. The design is particularly applicable where flexible transmitters are required, or a lightweight solution is necessary – without the cost of shielding.

Proof-of-Concept Systems

Using our core of IP, we can readily develop demonstration systems to your requirements. This can be useful for obtaining further funding – or to attract media attention to your project.

Keywords: Inductive Power Transfer

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Our ability to learn new technologies and integrate these with existing systems means that we don't have to choose a narrow field of work. Our core services are electronic hardware, embedded systems, and software design and development. We undertake to transfer this technology and understanding to your in-house staff as required. The development may relate to prototypes, short-run products or large scale manufacturing.


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In addition to the transmission method, we then work to store and process the data – usually involving a database (usually MS SQL Server or MySQL), processing backend, and web-or-application interface. Our solutions have been in fixed and mobile applications – by alarm companies, delivery vehicles, aircraft, watercraft, manufacturing sites, and storage facilities.