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There are hundreds of factors which could make your car unable to pass a warrant of fitness test. In a lot of cases, the best option can be to stop pouring money into the car and get paid cash for it by a car removal service. Here are some of the most common reasons.

Corrosion Damage

Your car will fail its warrant if there is ANY corrosion damage within 150mm of the top A pillars of the frame. This is the area in the corner where the front door and front window meet the roof. The same goes for any corrosion damage within 150mm of a door hinge or door latch.

It is also unacceptable for there to be any instances of corrosion damage greater than 50mm anywhere on the car’s frame.

Also, if the inspector decides that any other corrosion has caused weakening of a load bearing structure of the car, it will be failed.


Headlamps, tail lamps, and front and rear daytime lamps, cornering lamps and indicator lamps, will fail inspection if they are cracked or damaged in such a way that moisture or dirt could enter the lens area.

Glass and Windscreen

If any glass (glazing) around your car is not mechanically sound or fixed securely to your car, then it will fail. Also, if the windscreen is so dirty that it obstructs the driver’s vision, or has damage that stops the windscreen wiper from properly functioning, or has scratches or discolouration that obstructs the driver’s vision, it will fail.

Doors and Entry

If either the hinge for a door or the door itself is not secured correctly, then the car will fail. Also, if any of the doors cannot be opened for the inside, or if any child safety locks can’t be deactivated, then the car will be failed.


If there are seatbelt assemblies which aren’t fixed securely to a seatbelt anchorage, or a part of the seatbelt clip is damaged so that foreign material may enter the mechanism and cause damage to mechanisms, components or webbing, or if the seatbelt webbing or stitching is damaged, then the car will be failed.


A car will fail if there is corrosion within 150mm of the mounting point of a brake component, or a brake or brake pad is too worn, or if any parts of the brake mechanism appear too worn or are leaking.


If the steering wheel is insecurely fastened to the steering column, or appears too loose, or if any parts of the steering column, power steering components, steering rack, arms, tie rods, king pins or suspension joints appear to be too loose or damaged, then the car will fail its warrant.

Tyres and Wheels

The most common cause of tyre warrant failure is that the depth of the tread on the tyre is less than the minimum 1.5mm. Also if there are signs of damage to the tyre, or wheel, or if the wheel bearings appear loose or damaged then this will result in a failure.


The most common sources of warrant failure with exhausts are either an insecurely attached exhaust, or if exhaust emissions are entering the vehicle somewhere, and so potentially harming the occupants of the car.

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