VPN Access

By: Cafénet  06-Dec-2011

 CafeNET VPN gives you secure, high speed, access to your office network from anywhere on the CafeNET network.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection between a computer (client), through a company's firewall, into the internal network.  As the data is encrypted, only the client computer and firewall are able to read it - its safe from other people trying to eavesdropon your data.

CafeNET VPN sets your company's firewall's IP address as an approved 'Destination IP' so that when you connect to your VPN you don't have to login and the data doesn't count against your prepaid data allowance.

To use CafeNET VPN, you will need a VPN setup between your computer and your company's network - this will be set up by your IT department.  Currently we have tested the following VPN protocols:

If you would like more information about CafeNET VPN, please contact us.

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Using Email

You should copy the current text in that field and paste it into a text file or otherwise make note of it so that you can later restore your SMTP settings to use your own Internet Service Provider or company mail server. Also, some ISPs allow you to send through their mail server if you authenticate first - if they do, we recommend you do this as it will enable you to send from anywhere without changing your settings.


VOIP with Firefly

Freshtel is introducing a new way of using your CafeNET connection to call other people, both online and by phone or mobile phone. FreshTel offers very competitive call pricing all over the world and nationally in New Zealand. Turn your laptop into a mobile phone with FreshTel and CafeNET.


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CaféNET provides high-speed Wi-Fi wireless Internet access in public locations such as cafés, airports, hotels, conference venues, university campuses, train stations and other business and public locations. You'll see the benefits of a service that works to ensure a smooth connection to your world and seamless integration with your existing Internet tools.