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By: Bytes And Pieces  06-Dec-2011

Chair Mat

To protect carpet or hard floors from damage caused by chair castors.  To allow easier movement while sitting.

If you are using a chair mat, it is advisable for you to use either Friction Brake Castors or Soft-wheel brake castors on your chair.

Friction brake castors

. These are made of polypropylene as are standard castor, but have a 'brake' function - they move freely when the user is sitting, but when weight is taken off they are fixed. 

Soft wheel brake castors

are a combination of a soft wheel castor and a friction brake castor with a soft-tyre.

Soft-wheel castors

are a standard castor with a grey polyurethane tyre.  They have a little more grip than the standard castor and are softer. This would be suitable for a polished timber floor.

Pin Test -

To correctly specify chairmats for carpets, measure the thickness by pressing a pin through the carpet and under lay until it reaches the floor and then measure the depth.  Use the following guidelines to recommend the correct mat.

90 x 121mm Small Keyhole

3835660  Carpet up to 9ml thick

3835680  Carpet up to 12ml Thick

114 x 135mm Standard keyhole

3835690  Carpet up to 12ml thick

3835710  Carpet up to 15ml thick

3835730  Carpet over 15ml Thick

122 x 153 mm Rectangle

3835695  Carpet up to 12ml Thick

3835720  Carpet over 15ml thick

112 x 132mm Hard Floor Chairmat

3835740  Hard Floor Chair mat

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