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By: Business Coacher  05-Apr-2012
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If you do, then you’re invited to this one-time-only event in Auckland that will reveal how to…

Double Your Sales and Profits f Letter Within 180 days or less!


Do you ask yourself What’s the best place to spend my marketing dollars?

What’s your plan for growing your business in 2012? 

 How important is getting new customers to your business’s survival in the next 90 days?

Are you unsure if your current marketing plan is meeting your targets and performing well?

Do you make any of these marketing mistakes?

  • I know we get plenty of leads, but don’t know where they come from?
  • I ‘m not sure where is the best place to spend our marketing dollars???
  • My website looks good, but I’m not sure if it’s bringing me any business.

Do you ask yourself ‘What’s the best place to spend my marketing dollars?

Do I do Google adwords, upgrade my website, send out flyers, do a radio ad, or a direct mail campaign?

STOP before you invest a single marketing dollar!

NONE of these advertising mediums will perform well without the right strategy, and the right direct response copy, copy that sells.

Hi I’m Marti Amos, NZ’s #1 ranked business coach for the last 7 years and #2 ranked Action Coach in the world. Having spent $276,000 educating myself from the worlds’ greatest marketers and direct response ad gurus, working with Mentors such as Jeffrey Gitomer, Dan Kennedy, Brad Sugars, and Bill Glazer , then having put this to good work coaching 297 business owners to success, and over 3798 seminar attendees and

In this 3 hour seminar you will learn these strategies and insider marketing secrets that have helped these business owners (and hundreds more) to gain a flood of new customers in under 90 days.

 During this seminar you will learn these exact strategies and also put your skills to the test to create your own winning campaign or ad before leaving…

However, if you are reading this and thinking…

I don’t need any more clients… I’m too busy with the ones I have

Then please stop reading and go and grab a hot cup of coffee

If however you would like to know the fastest ways to:

1. Gain new Clients

2. Increase the number of leads through your website, yellow pages ad, radio, or Google adwords

3. Systemize your marketing so it works even when you are away and on auto - pilot.

Then this could just be the best investment of 3 hours and $97 that you make all year…

 If you do, then you’re invited to this one-time-only event in Auckland that will reveal how to… 

In This No Holds Barred Seminar you’ll discover…

 The 7 biggest Marketing Mistakes you may be making that might be costing you tens of thousands of dollars, & how to solve them to get a flood of new customers in 90 days

  • 7 Google adwords 
  • A 38 page workbook full of tried and proven ads which you can take away and shamelessly use for your own business that has generated millions in sales.
  • 11 ways to create red-hot urgency in your readers mind that will get them to take immediate action to your offer… like the Takanini Pet Store direct mail letter that generated 137 new clients and $287,000 in extra revenue in 28 days
  • How to completely dominate your competitors in the Yellow Pages and have your phone ringing 24/7…. like the building company that made $329,400 from one ad 

Please note: This is not another seminar where you'll be asked to just sit there quietly and take notes. You won't be going home after this seminar with a nice workbook full of notes for you to file away in your draws for the next 3 years, and then eventually have to toss them out because they have become irrelevant. 

The seminar has been designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for you to go back to your business, and implement what you've learnt for immediate and S-P-E-E-D-Y results. Because let’s face it, we all know there is no value in collecting knowledge. Some of the most successful people in this world have very limited amounts of knowledge. It's the application of the knowledge you've got that really counts, and that's why I've made the strategies I'm going to cover in this seminar unbelievably easy for you to implement.  

Still not convinced….

  Listen to these client success stories….

 Here's what just a few of my clients have had to say after using the right marketing strategies to grow their businesses.. 

The Top 5 Most Freqeuently Asked Questions About The Street Smart Advertising Workshop..

1. This sounds too good to be true, what's the catch Marti?

Good question. You're probably thinking this seminar is going to be some hard sell, high energy sales pitch that you can't get yourself out of. Well, you'd be absolutely wrong. And there are a couple of good reasons behind that. One is that the majority of the seminar is made up of current clients whom I'm already working with on a one to one basis. They pay good money to attend monthly workshops like these, and I can tell you now, they'd drag me over the hot coals if all I did was sell, sell, sell, and not provide tremendous value to them.

Another reason is that I believe in giving you value first..

In today's competitive world, there is just too much information out there to not be a value first driven company. You know that, I know that. That's why if you look around this website you'll find documents like '23 Tips for a Sales Process That Works' and '15 Tips for Writing Killer Ads' and much more.. These articles are made available to you so you can get a better understanding of what the Street Smart Advertising Workshop is going to be like, without the huge investment. This seminar is also another opportunity for you to take in great information and strategies you can use to grow your business without the huge investment, plus, you'll also get an insight into the world of business coaching and how it could benefit your business. Here' what Karen Mills, Owner of Actrix had to say about these seminars..

"An easy way to get access to a business coach, without the 'BS' around the company" - Karen Mills, Director of Actrix

2. Is it going to be worth my time? I could be on the golf course instead..

Like everything in life, there is a trade off. This workshop will require you to invest half of your Friday to work on growing your knowledge in selling your products and services. But think about the cost of not learning these ideas and strategies.. Think about the lost revenue and the additional long hours you'll have to put in just to get the same result. It's an uphill battle, it's always better to learn from those that have gone before you, made the same mistakes and learned how to profit from them. There is a fast track and a slow track, and the golf course is most definitely not the fast track to success in your business..

3. Will these strategies apply to my business?

No doubt about it. These strategies work just as well for any industry. Chiropractic, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Sales Reps, Building, Plumbing, Gyms, Consultants, Web Design, Accountants etc, etc, you get the point. I've worked with over 283 businesses across 38 different industries during my last 6 1/2 years as a business coach. I'm yet to run into 1 business owner who couldn't benefit from learning the sales strategies I'm going to cover at this seminar.

4. Can you get all of this information and strategies yourself?

Of course you could. Just as I did. Simply give yourself 6-7 years of time selling on a day to day basis, invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn from the world's leading sales gurus, travel to their seminars, decipher their information and start implementing it. You're all set. Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association of America, once said.. "Experience is not the best teacher because the tuition is too high. Learn from other people's experience!" - Now there is a great strategy that everyone should learn from.

5. What if I don't get any value from this seminar?

Well, to assure you that your time and money are well invested, I'll back this seminar with a 'Better Than 100% Money Back Guarantee.

As well as creating your own award winning ad before you leave, if you are one of the first 29 people to register you will get your ad critiqued by me to give your campaign the best chance of success J

You will also get the Headline Creator Pro that produces 237 sales producing headlines in 30 seconds. Headlines are up to 80% of the effectiveness of any ad.

Plus your very own 38 page swipe file with the very ads that have helped build some of NZ's most successful companies.

In this seminar you will learn:

I am going to unveil the very ads and marketing campaigns that have generated over $4,739,000 million in sales for my clients and you can learn the following:

  1. Yellow Pages - Are they right for your business?
  2. How to write yellow pages ads that get people to pick up the phone and choose you over your competitors, like the plumbing company ad that generated $183,000 in sales versus his previous ad that generated $13,468
  3. The building maintenance company that generated $155,000 in sales in under 5 months from one ad..
  4. And many more example of successful yellow pages ads that you can version for your company from building, plumbing, electrical, pet Stores, Mortgage Broking, Physio, and many more…
  5. The direct mail piece for a Takanini pet store that generated 137 new clients, an extra $287,000 in revenue in 27 days, all for the cost of $3369.
  6. The Google adwords campaign that delivered 17 leads in a 3 week period for a North Shore building company!!!!
  7. The Google Adwords and Squeeze page that consistently delivers 90-120 leads per month for  cleaning company!!!
  8. How to dominate a niche in your market, and reduce price resistance and speed growth… like the building company that dominates its niche, and has more than tripled its revenue in under 9 months (whilst maintaining great margins) – all this in one of the worst periods in the NZ construction industry!!
  9. How 2 small ads in the Howick Times launched 2 denture clinics and that $650 investment brought in $22,450 in sales over 3 weeks
  10. The radio campaign that gained 1287 people to attend an open day for a pet store, and 439 new people added to the VIP program and extra $17,900 revenue in one day.
  11. The 3 step sequential direct mail, postcard, and telemarketing campaign that netted $232,671 for a consulting business to a specific niche.
  12. Postcards at an event that generated 32 prospects, 11 new clients and $39,857 for the mortgage broking and insurance company
  13. The mind set and niche selection and newsletter strategies that helped a Queenstown recruitment company to grow to over $20 million in sales in under 4 years, and be the 2nd fastest growing company in NZ on the Deloitte Fast 50 in 2009.
  14. 4 ads for $690 in the Aucklander that brought in 17 new clients and $47,000 in fees for a Body Corporate business

You might be wondering why I'd be willing to practically give away all this knowledge and these insider secrets for such a small investment, you might be wondering what's the catch?

That's a great question, and here's the answer.

 It's really simple, it's a bribe. That's right, I'm trying to get you hooked. I'm shamelessly trying to get you addicted to these money making marketing strategies. Look, if I truly can put hundreds of thousands of dollars into your bank account with these proven strategies that I'm going to share with you at this seminar, then we both win. My strategies get put to the test and proven over and over again, and you get the end result of rapidly growing your company.

In all seriousness, considering the investment that other business owners have made to work with me on a 1-to-1 basis, this seminar is a big no brainer for serious business owners looking to get ahead. Your decision will reflect the value you place on your time and business. It you can't make a return of many multiples on the $97 or $197 investment, then you may want to fire yourself. The return from just one of these strategies that I'll cover at this seminar should return at least 10 times, 50 times, or even 100 times your investment in this seminar.


Ok, that's great Marti - How do I secure my seats?

Here's 3 easy ways you can secure your seats..

  1. Phone Us - You can also phone Nina on (09) 368 1036. Let her know where you heard about the seminar (so we know if your seats are to be discounted for our alliance partners)

I look forward to seeing you on Friday 2nd December I guarantee you're going to love what you discover at this seminar!

Marti Amos

BCom (Hons), M Com

NZ's #1 Business Coach

P.S. Remember, secure your seats before Friday 25th November and we'll take $100 off your tickets. That's right, down from $197 to $97.

P.P.S. There's no obligation, or hard sell at this seminar. It's simply 4 hours of great information you'll be able to take away and use in your company. Plus, you've got the "Skyrocket Your Profits Guarantee" that ensures you'll walk away with 5 or more great ideas you can start implementing into your business right away. If not, you'll get a full refund and you'll get to keep the materials and bonus gifts. But I'm sure you're going to get tremendous value from what you discover on the day!

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