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By: Business Coacher  05-Apr-2012
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Here's 7 Reasons Why New Zealand's Leading Business Owners Are Engaging NZ's #1 Action Business Coach, Marti Amos, To Help..

  • Improve their bottom line

  • Systemise their business so it's working without them and..

  • Rapidly grow their business and knowledge using proven, predictable and profitable business strategies

1. More Returns From Your Business With Less Work

Are you working long hours and thinking that if you went on a holiday, your business would fall apart without you?  Marti will help show you how to get out of this type of mindset and into that of a world class entreprenuer, ready to face any challenge that's thrown at you. Marti has worked with over 227 business owners over the last 5 years, working alongside them to tackle the challenges of running a business from day to day. Plus he's experienced the other side of the coin with an extensive background in the corporate world working in roles such as:

Marti also has extensive experience owning and operating 7 businesses of his own, starting out at the tender age of 22 . With this wealth of experience to draw upon, Marti knows the proven strategies that work and the type of strategies to avoid. This experience means he can fast-track your businesses performance by only using proven, predictable and profitable marketing and sales strategies.

Marti has a B Com (Hons) and M Com degrees in marketing. He spent his early days lecturing at Otago University and the Manukau  Institute of Technology. He translates theories into simple strategies, that can be implemented straightaway into your business.

2. Boost Your Revenue and Increase Your Bottom Line

3. Get Inspired Your Team To Achieve Great Levels of Performance

You'd love to clone yourself so you could take care of all the tasks in your business but it's just not possible. Marti will show you how the right recruiting and training procedures will allow you to build a team of partners that will take care of your buisness whether you're there or not, and who actually care about the business performing to its best.

4. Get Back Your Passion For Being in Business

Have you lost the passion you once had when you started your business? Do you look forward to jumping back into things on a Monday morning or do you get Mondayitis?

Born right at the bottom of New Zealand in Stewart Island (oh yes, it's true); Marti has spread his wings and travelled throughout China, Russia, Japan, USA, Phillippines, Norway, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Hong Kong, and Australia. One of the main reasons Marti is so passionate about business is the rewards it can give off. Marti also enjoys tennis, golf, boxing, swimming and regularly going to the gym. In the weekends you'll find him driving his Porsche 996 and riding his Ducati 916 motorcycle. He also enjoys dining out, autobiographies, business books and the occasional vin (pinot noir). As long as you have a passion for your business, and are committed to succeeding, then you'll find working with Marti both challenging and hugely rewarding at the same time.

5. Establish Your Position in the Market, So You're Ready for Any Challenges Thrown At You

Every successful business owner is always hungry for knowledge and learning different things, even when they're working big hours.  Business education has moved into a new realm.

Marti has invested over $246,800 personally educating himself from the world's greatest business minds. Marti has attended workshops, seminars, and conferences throughout the world (Marti has attended Dan Kennedy's Marketing & Money Making Super Conference in the United States for the last 3 years, and has been the only Kiwi at this Super Conference) to learn the best strategies for marketing, sales, pricing, and property investment.

Some of the business guru's Marti has trained under include:

Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad/Poor Dad series author, investor, entrepreneur, property investor 
Brad Sugars  - Founder of ActionCOACH, the world's #1 business coaching company 
Dan Kennedy- The world's #1 marketing consultant, author of 16 books, professional speaker 
George Ross- Donald Trump's right hand man, lead negotiator on all of Trump's property and business deals, entrepreneur, author, NYU lecturer on negotiation 
Gene Simmons- KISS founder, 3000 licensing products, INDY can worldwide marketing rights, author, 3 tv programs in 48 countries, Commercial property Developer in China 
Bill Glazier- The #1 marketing advisor to the retail world, Marketing superstar, author, information marketing wizard, owner of GKIC 
Jeffrey Gitomer - Sales guru, author of New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today best sellers, millions read his syndicated weekly column, keynote speakers, customers include Coca-Cola, BMW, IBM, ATT and hundreds more. 
Yanik Silver- Internet marketing expert, sold over $12 million starting from his bedroom, author of the surefire marketing system.

Not only learning from the best, but it's also Marti's implementation of these strategies that turn a business from a great idea into a tangible, cashflow producing machine.

Marti Amos with Jeffrey Gitomer, the #1 authority on sales and author of New York Times best sellers 'The Sales Bible', 'The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude' and the 'Little Red Book of Selling'.

6. Have Someone To Always Demand the Best of You, and Keep You Focused and On Track

Marti will keep a close eye on your progress, helping you to achieve more in your business than you thought you were capable of. Being a business owner in New Zealand can be a lonely job, having Marti to use as a sounding board, a friend to talk with you and provide expert advice, helping you to solve your problems and turn them into opportunities. Creating opportunities is just a small part of what Marti will help you with, but it will be one of the most valuable..

Marti's high energy and motivated style will challenge the heights that you believe you are capable of, and he will become a trustworthy guide to building the business you know is possible.

7. Working With a Coach Is Great For Getting An Expert Second Opinion

You need an outside view, someone who can see the forest for the trees , an expert who isn't blinded by the industry and by too many years in your industry.. Running your own company like any part of life, often you need someone else to see the simplest of things to help you in areas such as sales coaching. Marti will ask the tough questions so that you're on track and heading towards your goals..

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