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By: Business Changing  05-Apr-2012
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Zac believes in and delivers to clients the “business changing model”. Given he has run and lead a business that won the “Best Workplace in NZ” and also personally was the inaugural winner of the “Kia Ora Mai Awesome Service Award”, Zac is well placed to take organisations to the next level in leadership excellence, leading to more engaged employees and a whole lot of raving fans (loyal customers) for your business! The outcome of which promises greatly increased profitability in your business!

It all starts at the top, the best leaders may not be visionary or inspirational but they know how to get all of their people on the bus heading in the right direction – Zac can assist senior leaders in achieving this including the creation of where you want your company to be in the future! Zac has real leadership insights that will impact for you…

Then comes employee engagement. When you run a best workplace, you will have engaged employees. The average company has only 30% of their team being engaged. So the majority turn up to work really just to earn their pay-cheque, clock watching to get home. Zac has proven methods and advice that will help your business get employee engagement “right up there”. It is a proven fact that engaged employees perform at higher levels (eg. sales are 15% higher than your normal employee, better service given and more bottom line productivity, with profit levels from engaged employees being 2.5 times higher than a usual, disengaged employee – thanks JRA for those facts).

Engaged team members give outstanding customer service. You know it, most of the time when you get poor customer service (lets face it, this is mostly what we have to put up with day to day), it is because the person you are dealing with is just not into what they do! Have an engaged team in your business and watch the customer service levels fly. This means happier customers who will buy more from you and will refer you to their friends, family and other businesses! A whole lot of people out there referring your business to others, all for free, just because they love dealing with you! Zac is very well respected in the customer service space and is heavily in demand as a guest speaker on the topic and in implementing ideas into businesses to take their customer service to the next level – differentiate yourself and really stand out from the crowd!

Zac and Business Changing specialise in working with clients to create differentiating, brand-defining customer experiences. Higher levels of satisfaction and loyalty. Lower customer churn and acquisition costs. Expanded market share. Sustainable revenue growth….

So working with Business Changing and developing your organisations leadership, employee engagement and customer experience is a great potential recipe for business success especially if you throw some good commercial nous in there too! This is the Business Changing Model, intellectual property of Zac de Silva and Business Changing, which you are more than welcome to learn from. I look forward being able to impact on your business, by working with you and implementing the steps to ensure this business changing model gives you the best chance of succeeding!

Keywords: Customer Service

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If companies are not of the size to have dedicated “executives” in their business for specialist areas, Zac is offering a “hired gun” service, where he can come into your business to focus on a specific part or project that you feel you need advice or help on.