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By: Business Changing  05-Apr-2012

Business Changing specialises in the following services :

  • Business improvements, planning and growth (including sales and merchandise plans). This may include an overall review of your business to identify areas for improvement, that you may not even be aware of…Plus a due diligence on your business before you put it on the market (so you know you have everything covered!)
  • Review of the information your business is reporting. Information is power and will show what parts of your business are tracking well and what needs improvement…A lot of companies are not reporting all the information that they should be and could be!
  • On the job training / assessment for key staff or group sessions for your business. You name the topic (or Zac will suggest some!). He is known for his enthusiasm and passion and it is contagious in his training approach! Actually it is contagious in his overall approach to business…
  • ROI (return on investment) review on your training. This is very interesting and you need a good ROI on training returned! Must impact.
  • Financial review on any part of your business or your business model, including ROI on different areas of your business (including marketing and advertising and CRM spend). Transperancy of your business can make or break you. There is so much we often do not know as we do not analyse in enough detail.
  • System or store reviews, audits and recommendations.
  • Business advice “on tap”. So your own “sounding board service” for important business decisions you are considering…
  • If companies are not of the size to have dedicated “executives” in their business for specialist areas, Zac is offering a “hired gun” service, where he can come into your business to focus on a specific part or project that you feel you need advice or help on. Business Changing has a team of specific experts that are contracted from time to time to assist here if required.
  • Zac will offer follow up services also where on a regular basis (or not!), a health-check on what he has set up in your business can be reviewed with ongoing tweaks if they arise. Knowing Zac, you will highly likely get random valuable business advice thrown your way also.

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Zac improves service and employee engagement = potential profit growth

Given he has run and lead a business that won the “Best Workplace in NZ” and also personally was the inaugural winner of the “Kia Ora Mai Awesome Service Award”, Zac is well placed to take organisations to the next level in leadership excellence, leading to more engaged employees and a whole lot of raving fans for your business.