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By: Burrett & Associates  05-Apr-2012

Dec/Jan 2011 - Homestyle Magazine

Following an unsuccessful search for a new home, an Auckland couple decided to renovate their existing house instead.

When Raj and Leena first purchased their Auckland home almost 16 years ago, they did not mind the dated décor or the limited bedroom space. But fast-forward more than a few years, and their once suitable house was feeling far too cramped for two growing sons. After searching for two years, they could not find what they were looking for, and decided to recreate their own home instead.

In its original state, Raj and Leena's home was classic 1970s in style, with printed wallpaper, an ugly bathroom and a separate, cramped kitchen. So first on the agenda in terms of change was a crisp, modern décor with open spaces, and of course an additional bedroom so their boys' each had a room to call their own.

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