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By: Buildmedia  06-Dec-2011

Product marketing and understanding

Without the physical constraints of print and photography, we can create marketing tools far more memorable than your traditional collateral. And often cheaper. Our interactive web tools allow your customers to actively investigate and understand your product in an engaging, 'information-pull' way.

If your product has benefits that aren't visibly apparent or layers/steps/components or isn't the most 'sexy' of subject matters - we need to talk.

Architectural and Construction presentation

Working closely with you, we will produce an accurate 3D digital model of your planned development project. This can then be enhanced and rendered to communicate the key features and benefits of your design in a number of different ways; From moody digital still images through to creative fly-thru animations and interactive experiences.

We go well beyond the capabilites of drawing programs to show your project in the best light possible.

Environmental and Infrastructure visualization

We help engineers, planners, lawyers and authorities accurately visualize and communicate construction projects that have a visual impact on the surrounding environment.

Whether we are acting as expert witnesses or producing Visual Simulations and stakeholder communication material - accuracy is key.

We advance projects like yours, smoother and quicker.


Realspace is an effective solution for the real time 3d visualization of major construction and infrastructure projects. It enables parties to easily assimilate and visually understand complex design data - as if they were all on site.

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