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By: Bromeliad Society International  06-Dec-2011

One of the benefits that bromeliad societies receive by joining the BSI as an affiliated society is the use of the BSI media program library. The programs listed below are available to societies for use as a program during their meetings. With the rise of digital cameras, programs will only be available in digital format.

There is a $10 fee to download each program. To access the presentations from the secured links below, a username/password combination must be obtained by contacting the Media Library Chair. If you want the program on a CD contact the Media Library Chair: The fee is $15, postage included.

Program descriptions:

  1. Genus Aechmea. Species and cultivars in popular cultivation. 120 slides of blooming aechmea varieties.
  2. Bromeliads A to Z. 119 slides of bromeliads from all the genera.
  3. Florida Native Bromeliads. A 103 slide comprehensive review of Florida's bromeliads.
  4. Chicago WBC 2004. A 110 slide review of the plants and art at the Chicago World Bromeliad Conference.
  5. San Diego WBC 2006. A 60 slide review of the people, exhibits and plants from the conference.

For more information about using these programs, or if you have a program you would like to donate, either digital or slide (slides will be duplicated and returned), please contact the Media Library Chair.

BSI Media Library Chair
Keith Smith
1300 Millertown Rd
Auburn, CA 95603-9445

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