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By: Bridgestone Select  05-Apr-2012

Smoothing the road with the suspension system

The most important task for your suspension is to keep all four tyres in constant contact with the road, so that the steering, driving and braking systems work efficiently. A good suspension system will give us a smooth and comfortable ride while driving, even if we take a bumpy road.

More seriously, if your vehicle’s suspension becomes worn out or has defective parts, your car could be no longer safe to drive.

How do you spot any suspension problems?

The usual telltale signs of damage or wear to the suspension include a general lack of control when cornering or braking and any unusual sideways movement.

You should always get your system checked if:

·          Your vehicle slides or fails to hug the road on bends.

·          Unusual tread wear on your tyres.

·          Your vehicle nosedives when braking.

·          Oil seeps out of your shock absorbers.

·          You experience driving instability in side winds.

·          Your steering wheel vibrates while driving.

We can sort any suspension issue

If you’re experiencing any suspension concerns, then bring your vehicle in for one of our specialists to give it a thorough checking over. We offer a full range of suspension and shock services to help your car stick to the road and ensure optimal performance. Our services include:

·          Shocks

·          Springs

·          Struts

·          Coil springs

·          Ball joints

·          Bushes

·          Leaf springs

·          Upgrades

·          Leaking

Want to know more?

To find out more about our suspension services, simply ask in store and one of our experienced mechanics will be happy to help.

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