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By: Brand Advantage  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Event Management, Sponsorship, Audit Process

Our dynamic group of industry specialists deliver a variety of services designed to capture brand value, enhance competitive positioning and positively impact the bottom line. We provide a range of services that is under constant review and ongoing development. At once, we both lead and reflect the rapidly changing dynamic of the sponsorship marketing milieu. We understand that great brands must transcend the mundane and need to be constantly nurtured if they are to thrive and flourish. We believe that sponsorship marketing provides the most effective means of ensuring emotional connection with a brand. Our service offering reflects our commitment to ensuring that outcome for our clients. Our services include:

Consultancy • BA Measurement Tools • Strategic Evaluation and Planning • Strategic Partnering • Strategic Leveraging • Experiential Programs • CSR Initiatives • Event Creation • Hospitality • Event Management • Implementation • Rights and IP Management • Sponsorship Audit

In working with our clients, BrandAdvantage and its affiliate companies (Premier Events and Premier Hospitality) will undertake and deliver all or any of the following services:

Audit Evaluations
• Corporate evaluation
• Property and/or event evaluations
• ROI valuations and measurement

Strategic development
• Brand
• Communications
• Property and events

• Property Search and Recommendations
• Rights Modelling
• Sponsorship Blueprint
• Integration Development/Implementation
• Hospitality Development/Planning
• Leveraging strategies
• Bespoke hospitality
• Leveraging Implementation
• Sponsorship Implementation
• Rights and IP Management

Sponsorship Audit
The BrandAdvantage sponsorship audit process evaluates and values any number of a wide variety of tangible and intangible marketing rights and benefits, to provide a comprehensive report on the current and potential impact of sponsorship properties.

The report is written to provide maximum focus on Return On Investment, and upon the areas where the sponsorship could be adjusted to provide greater returns - including leveraging ideas if required. The BA Measurement Tools are heavily employed at all stages of the audit process, providing a consistent methodology for comparison of performance.

Keywords: Audit Process, Emotional Connection, Evaluation and Planning, Event Creation, Event Management, Ip Management, Sponsorship,