Boss Portal - operational readiness

By: Boss Portal  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Business Critical Information, Network Serving,

Accurate and timely information

With our extensible mediator technology we interface directly to your various network serving systems and retrieve valuable data on your network and services as and when changes occur. This ensures an accurate and timely view of your network assets and services at all times.  It provides an ‘as-built’ view of the network and services, as opposed to the ‘planned’ view.  The two could be different at times, but it is the former that matters when it comes to operational readiness.

Leverage the power of integration with your operation

With an integrated system from Boss Portal, where the majority of your service operation functions can work as one under a single solution, information on your network can be enriched with other information applicable to the task such as unplanned and planned network events and even customer impact.  Now operational data, such as equipment alarms and inventory status, can be turned into timely business critical information to facilitate the re-routing of customer traffic in order to maintain a given service level agreement (SLA).

Keywords: Business Critical Information, Network Serving,

Other products and services from Boss Portal


Boss Portal - fault management

BAlarm automatically associates alarms, as they are processed in real time, with equipment, network, circuits and customers and presents this information along with the alarm to the user for acknowledgement. This significantly reduces the time to determine the customers impacted and how they are affected, as well as the severity of the impact.


Boss Portal - products

This is why Boss Portal has engineered its solution framework and products from the ground up with ‘integration’ at its core, in order to avoid problems with isolated pockets of information that plague conventional solutions where disparate systems are used. With integration comes context and with context data can be enriched into business critical information that in the right hands provides the knowledge to act quickly.


Boss Portal - service assurance

With this information combined into context around the most important asset on your network, your customer, the insights we can reveal on unplanned events as they occur becomes far more powerful in facilitating improved customer management. The first is to transform data from your various network serving element management systems and network management systems into timely and accurate information about your network and services.


Boss Portal - performance management

By combining data into information on your corporate customers, and ensuring your front line business teams always have that information available at the right time, the insights provided by bYond can give your business with that all important edge in your endevours to attain and retain key corporate subscribers and accounts.