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By: Blue Barn Consulting  05-Apr-2012

Besides their traditional service roles, Regional & Territorial authorities direct, promote and enable the social and economic well-being of their communities in a number of ways, from enabling District Plans to direct intervention.

Bluebarn has the expertise to assist regional and local government in enabling urban centre revitalisation, regional and local growth management strategies, aligning asset management plans with broader environmental, economic and social goals, assessing public private partnership initiatives and a number of related high level local government activities.

Cities, towns and urban places function as vital centres of social and economic exchange. Socially vital and economically viable centres are a combination of a number of integrated factors. A comprehensive understanding of these factors is crucial to the revitalisation of these urban places and enabling them to play a significant role in improving community and economic wellbeing, is a vital function of local government.
BlueBarn has extensive experience understanding and managing the factors critical to urban centre performance, providing solutions that mutually reinforce their effects and is also experienced at drawing together the necessary different disciplines, experiences and skills required in the process.
Asset management strategies, practices and procedures need to reflect best practice methods which recognise the fiscal, social and environmental duty of care imposed on Government and Local Bodies as the largest property owning entities in New Zealand.

Bluebarn has extensive public and private sector asset management experience in protecting and enhancing existing asset values as well as ensuring that existing public sector assets and investment in future assets should be aligned with strategic goals and deliver the broadest possible community, core business, environmental and commercial benefits. Fully understanding and balancing these needs is a core skill of BlueBarn in the assessment and review of public assets and in the provision of appropriate strategies, operational plans and performance regimes.


Central, regional and local government is concerned with managing, facilitating and directing sustainable urban growth which achieves positive social, environmental and economic change. Strategies required to deliver sustainable growth management combine best practice methods that integrate the urban structure, urban economics and urban dynamics with enquiry by design processes. Integrating District Plans, regulatory processes and development contribution regimes, together with the respective roles of the public and private sectors all play a part in this process.

Bluebarn has extensive private and public sector development experience, has a comprehensive understanding of the technical, social, environmental, statutory and commercial dynamics that are core skills to deliver an optimum and desirable urban outcome that is in accordance with sustainable growth management.


The public sector, in seeking to provide core services and to deliver positive social, environmental and economic benefits in response to public needs has recognised that a viable partnership of public and private interests can produce sustainable solutions, within a commercial framework that sees risk, reward and resources appropriately applied on an acceptable managed risk basis.

Whilst PPP delivery can exist at significant scale involving multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects it can also assist the public sector at a smaller scale in delivering desirable urban change, using public assets and resources coupled with private sector assets and resources. Urban centre regeneration, social housing, urban growth management and facilitation are examples of this opportunity.

Bluebarn has extensive private and public sector experience and has been directly involved in the delivery or facilitation of public/private partnerships. An understanding of the roles and objectives of the parties, their respective strengths/skills and the applicable risks and their allocation to the parties necessitates clear objectives and specifications of outcomes that balance public and commercial imperatives, occur within appropriate governance and implementation structures and are founded on rigorous commercial, feasibility and risk analysis.

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