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By: Blackpepper  06-Dec-2011


Our e-commerce platform is in constant development, with new features released monthly. It runs sites that turn over millions of dollars a year and have millions of active users.


Our creative director, Scott Brown, is an award-winning web designer. Over the last decade with Blackpepper, his portfolio of successful web-development and designer projects has grown, and features sites that are useable, logical and enticing. Scott's creative direction gives Blackpepper a unique and specialist online skill set.


Social media is one of the most effective and immediate ways to connect and communicate with your existing - and potential - customers. We can work with you to create a successful social media campaign, managing and creating everything from the design of the various elements and their integration into your site, right through to the planning and running of the campaign.


A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) management programme is integral to all the websites we build. It lets us monitor a site and make monthly changes, where necessary, to maximise search performance and, consequently, increase traffic volume.


Our key clients are making the most of the Search Engine Marketing campaigns we've planned and built for them - and we can create one for you. Each Blackpepper SEM campaign includes planning, set-up, maintenance and a monthly review


Blackpepper's cloud-hosting platform ensures maximum uptime for our clients' sites. While the details are fairly technical, it's based on industry-leading VMware software and is owned and controlled by us.