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By: Blackmores  06-Dec-2011

What do you want to achieve? Motivate yourself and others to better health.

To Avoid Mid-Age Health Issues Murray

To lose 8kgs by the end of year -holidays- renee

lose 10kg in the next 6 months matthew

lose 11 kgs in 10 weeks Tim

To relax a bit more and take things as it come Amokura

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Odourless Fish Oil + Vitamin D3 - Bone

While science is still discovering all the ways in which EPA & DHA may help maintain heart health, we do know that they help promote a healthy cardiovascular system and supporting the body's production of anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also important for the health and normal strength of muscles, and may help maintain muscle function in the eldery, thereby helping reduce falls.


Sleep Sound Formula - Sleep Support

Magnesium is an essential mineral, important for healthy function of the muscles and the nervous system. Valerian supports healthy sleep onset, sound and deep sleep, helping you wake refreshed. Blackmores Sleep Sound Formula TM contains a scientifically tested extract of valerian. Lemon balm has traditionally been used to support relaxation. White film coated tablets with a break bar on one side.