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By: Blackman Surveyors  06-Dec-2011

These surveys involve the collection of information about a site or an area of interest.  The level of detail collected will be determined by the activity that is proposed for the site.  This detail may include ground levels, the positions of buildings and other structures, vegetation and services both above and below ground.

Generally this detail is portrayed in the form of a plan or plans, which also show any legal boundaries and easements.  The plan(s) become the base information for the design of any new works at the site.

Currently most plans are required electronically and so the process may include the incorporation of information previously only available in a paper format, such as old underground service records.

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we supply electronic files directly from our 12d software or alternatively the information can be further refined in AutoCAD.

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Subdivision Feasibility - Blackman Surveyors

This will include research into issues relating to the viability of the subdivision such as the site conditions, local authority requirements, the existing certificate of title and any easements or other restrictions. Once an understanding of this background information has been obtained estimates of cost and time-frame can be made and the client can then make an informed decision on the viability of the subdivision.


Subdivision Consents - Blackman Surveyors

The subdivision consent once obtained will contain conditions that must be fulfilled prior to the completion of the subdivision. This is a type of resource consent, which is additional to any land use consent that may be required for building. It is important to be aware of the significance of all of these conditions at the outset. Any subdivision will require subdivision consent from the local authority.


Urban & Rural Subdivisions - Blackman Surveyors

In the past a great number of properties were divided by Cross Lease, however this is now rare and most of these surveys today are amendments to existing Cross Leases. Where individual dwellings are built on top of each other a Unit Title subdivision may be the best alternative. There are many types of subdivision, although currently the majority are fee-simple subdivisions.


Section 224(c) Applications - Blackman Surveyors

Once any works associated with the subdivision have been completed an application will be made to the local authority for the release of the section 224certificate. In order to ensure the prompt release of this certificate we will prepare a comprehensive application addressing all of the conditions of consent. It is usually the last document required before the client’s solicitor applies for the new certificates of title to be issued.