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Bird Netting

Bird netting, if properly installed to ensure no gaps, presents an impenetrable barrier to keep birds away from surfaces being protected. Bird Netting can be used on virtually any building, large or small.

Bird netting can be fitted vertically or horizontally in small or large areas.

Well installed, Ace BirdNet of the right aperture size, is the only proofing solution which can be offered to solve virtually any urban bird problem.

Material is polyethylene knotted, multi-strand netting, with a stainless steel braided wire support system.

Bird Spikes

Quality bird spikes designed to ensure effective and humane urban bird management solutions for gulls and feral pigeons.

Available in three models, AP14, AP20 & AP32.The Avipoint™ "P" series can be used to protect buildings against pigeons in a wide range of situations, from daytime perching to night roosting sites and from the narrowest of pipes to the widest of building ledges.

  • The base is UV light-protected polycarbonate, with breakable sections.
  • The spikes are a heavy-duty 1.4mm in diameter and are made from 302 grade stainless steel, cut flat to prevent injury to both installers and birds.
  • These spikes are moulded into the base for improved durability.
  • Marine grade stainless steel P32 bird spikes are an option.
  • As a guideline, use P32 (32 wires to 33.3cm piece) for gulls and pigeons

Uses: ledges, parapets, window reveals, cornices, signage, street lighting, bridges and other structures. (Culling of resistant birds may be necessary soon after installation).

Hot Wire Systems

A humane, electrified bird deterrent for all bird species - gulls, pigeons, even small birds. Suits any architectural configuration to bird proof building structures such as signs, parapets, ledges, arches, roof ridges, beams & pergolas. Consists of a low visibility "Hot Wire" system - discreet 6mm high electrified track permits total exclusion. Other recommended brands include 'Bird Shock' and 'Hot Jolt.'

Uses: Parapets, ledges, signs, beams, pipes etc.
(Culling of resistant birds may be necessary soon after installation).

Bird Wire Systems

One or more rows of thin wire, tensioned with springs, are held just above the surface being protected. Steel components are 316 grade stainless steel.

Uses: Parapets, ledges, signs, beams, pipes etc.
(Culling of resistant birds may be necessary soon after installation).

Ace Bird Brush

When correctly fitted Bird Brush excludes birds such as sparrows, and rodents such as mice, from gaining entry into buildings. It is fitted to seal gaps at the top, sides and bottom of external doors.

Ace Bird Brush comprises bristle brush fitted into extruded aluminium carriers or with flat or 90 degree angle flanges for fixing. The most common bristle lengths are 50, 75, 100, 175mm most in sections of 3.0 metres.

Daddi Long Legs™

This system is a series of stainless steel wires tipped in plastic fitted on a self-lubricating Delron base. The top rotating part of the Daddi Long Legs is easily unclipped from its base if work is to be carried out on the proofed structure. Two types: 1.25 metre and 2.5 metre diameters.

Uses: Surfaces which require regular access for maintenance, such as silo tops, air conditioning units, ventilation plants, etc. (Do not use in areas which are used heavily by birds during the day, or where they roost at night or are nesting.)

Effective against Pigeons and Gulls in light pressure areas.

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