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By: Biolytix  05-Apr-2012

When you buy a Biolytix BioPod from an accredited Biolytix installer, you automatically receive our standard BioPod Warranty (detailed below).

Biolytix Limited (NZ Company No.3265414) (“Biolytix”) warrants the Biolytix® Biopod will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the following periods of time, commencing on the date of installation, in accordance with the conditions set out below.

The Vessel: 15 years

The Pedrollo Pump: 2 years

The BioPod: 1 year

1.  Biolytix will, during the warranty period, repair or replace (at its option) the equipment or such parts as are proven to be faulty in manufacture, with the same or equivalent product free of charge.

2.  This warranty only applies to the Biolytix Biopod and components only. It does not cover any labour, freight or travel costs that may be incurred

3.  This warranty is valid only in relation to a Biolytix Biopod used to treat Domestic waste water inflow.

4.  This warranty does not cover defects due to:

(a) the connection or otherwise of any additional sources of waste into the system either directly or indirectly, other than as approved in writing by Biolytix or in accordance with written instructions and documentation from Biolytix;

(b) modifications of the surrounding landscape, including but not limited to landscaping and drainage works, after installation of the Biolytix Biopod;

(c) failure to use the system in accordance with the Owner’s Manual or other instructions from Biolytix;

(d) a Force Majeure Event, where a Force Majeure Event means any cause outside the reasonable control of Biolytix, including but not limited to, damage resulting from earthquake, fire, flood, storm, lightning, soil subsidence, ground water table variations, electrical supply fault or plumbing fault;

(e) the Biolytix BioPod being overloaded by hydraulic or biological loadings greater than the design capacity;

(f) the actions of a third party; and

(g) any modifications or repairs being undertaken to the BioPod by anyone other than a Biolytix accredited installer or service technician.

5.  All charges incurred for labour, repairs, replacement parts not covered under the warranty or due to defects arising from any of the causes listed in clause 4 shall be the responsibility of the owner.

6.  This warranty is conditional upon the full invoiced price being received for supply and delivery of the BioPod and upon the owner notifying Biolytix immediately upon becoming aware of any defects. Proof of purchase (including relevant installation documentation) must be supplied to Biolytix with any warranty claim. All warranty claims must be made before the expiry of the warranty period.

7.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, Biolytix will not be liable to the customer or owner for any incidental or consequential loss.

8.  The rights described in this warranty certificate are in addition to the statutory rights to which you may be entitled under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.

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Why use high-energy mechanical aerators up to 24 hours a day to inject oxygen into wastewater - when the energetic worms and other organisms in the Bio-Pod will continually treat the wastewater using the oxygen from the ambient air in the Bio-Pod.