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By: Bill James  06-Dec-2011
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NB: This is a physical product and will be shipped to you for a $5.00 charge.

 Go for breakfast and leave with a fortune in new business contacts.


  Objective: The ability to meet, qualify and impress the right people.

We all know networking is a great idea, but how many of us really know how to

network effectively?

Now you can work the room and put the room to work for you!

  • Why you need to build relationships
  • The rules of relationships – are you ready?
  • Learning what it takes to build successful business relationships
  • The 8 Millionaire Secrets
  • The psychology of giving - Going the extra mile!
  • Being ready for the rewards

This amazing and revealing session is all about pulling the dollars out of a networking

event. Always full of humour, this session will outline just how simple it is target the

best opportunities and actually be able to talk to anyone you want in that room! 

  • How to pick the right events to maximise return.
  • How to target the right people.
  • The art of introducing yourself easily without fear.
  • Make a Massive First Impression that will have them begging for more.
  • How to go from “Hello” to a moneymaking appointment.

 You won’t believe the difference to your bottom line sales results!

“Bill has increased referral results three times with some team members and sales have

measurably increased from good to great!”

Kevin Smee – Director, Solutions Financial Services.

“Your ideas and suggestions have made a real difference. We are producing very successful

long-term connections that are already showing positive results in the business. Your sessions

really filled out (our knowledge) and gave us the specifics and confidence to make it work.”

Glenn Carter and Gary George – Directors, Think Mortgage Solutions.

Discover The Fortune Hidden With Your Breakfast

Profits That Lie Hidden In Your Breakfast Cereal

Do You Do Any Of These Six Things At Network Events?

Are Your Colleagues Being Promoted Above You?

Are Your Competitors Winning Business You Should?

Are You Competitors Winning Business From You When Their Product Isn’t As Good As Yours?

How Can You Make More Money Starting Tomorrow?

Do You Know People Who Struggle To Get Sales While Others Make Their Targets Easily?

All sales people struggle to get sales at some stage in their career.  But for many, reaching their target remains a battle their entire professional career.  In fact, many sales people give up and move on because they find it so difficult. 

But we are ALL sales people.  Whatever your job title, you are in sales.  Whether you are frontline sales, in customer service, a maintenance engineer or in the finance department you are representing your company so you need to have sales skills.  And if you are a business owner, whatever your skill or specialisation, you should be in selling mode all the time.

So we all need to know how to generate more sales.  Yet it is so difficult for most people.

There are many reasons: 

  • A lack of leads

  • A lack of confidence

  • A lack of know-how

  • A lack of credibility

  • A lack of time

Any and all can stop you from making sales calls.

In fact for many people, they simply freeze at the prospect.

It is their worst nightmare to have to talk to strangers about your product or service, what it can do for them and then to address the "M" issue. Yes.  MONEY.  Arrghh.  No, don’t make me ask for money!

Yet, if you already know someone, isn’t it so much easier to talk to someone about what you do and how you can help people.

So we go to a networking event.  Now let me be clear.  I’m not talking about multi-level marketing network events.  No, a networking event is a meeting set up with the express aim of introducing people to other people and seeing if a connection can be made.  Or an introduction can be made.

So off you go to a breakfast event or an evening meeting and you arrive.

What happens then?

The next big scary thing is ……having to talk to strangers again.

This time though, the situation is different as there are lots of people.  It’s not just you talking to one other person who doesn’t want to be sold to.

No, this time there are other people but the cool thing is.  You all have one thing in common.

You want to talk to people about getting introductions to other people who might be interested in your product or service.


But how do you break the ice?

Then if it is clear you can’t help each other, how can you break away to talk to someone else?

Then how do you address people?

How do you make sure they remember you?

How do you remember them?

The questions in your mind keep pouring out.

Which means the barriers keep getting bigger and bigger.

Which means you don’t get anywhere near the maximum benefit from getting up early.

Networking events can be your solution to getting lots of warm sales leads and profitable referrals, but you must know how to use the events to your advantage.

What else do you need to know to make a network event your own personal goldmine?


Relationships and what they really are.

Three ways of finding continuous new business

What is the 3-foot rule?

What is the one question you must ask?

How a single attitude can change everything for you.

Do you know what you must do before you expect to receive new business?

What should you become?

Find out what one thing you should be.

Do you know what you should read?

The two sources of referrals

How you can make a deeper match with the right people

The eight networking business strategies you must learn.

T he NINTH exclusive new business strategy not taught anywhere else.

The answers to these and many more questions can be found this 2CD set


To get more warm sales leads from people who like you, go to Uncover a Goldmine at Network Events and see your sales soar.

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Keywords: Network Events

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