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By: Bill James  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Networking, Sales Leads

High-Impact, Results Driven Workshops That Have Created Increases In Sales Of Over 287%!

This series of 7 practical workshops give you the tips and tools you can use immediately to start to generate profitable sales leads WITHOUT having to make cold calls.  In fact, your calls will all be to people ready and waiting to hear from you.  That will make a nice change won’t it?

Are you losing out on 87% of new business?

Yes - 87% of all business is generated by networking, according to Mary Henderson, author of How To Master Networking.  If you aren’t actively and effectively networking, then you are missing out.  No wonder getting business is so hard and expensive. And did you know?

  • Referrals convert 6 times as often as self-generated leads.
  • Referrals are 16 times more profitable as leads from other marketing sources.
  • Referrals are quicker to convert.

Why 93% of sales people miss out on the easiest opportunities they ever have.

You probably already have all the leads you will ever need yet almost every sales person misses out on them.  You just need to do one small thing to make your sales sky-rocket.

"It doesn't work in my industry." How many times have I heard that one? Hey, it works in EVERY industry. And guess what, your competitors are doing it right now. Why do you think you didn't get that order you quoted for?

“People will think I'm being pushy.” 
If you’ve done a good job  - you did do a good job didn’t you? – your customers will be happy to recommend you. We give you five ways so people will WANT to give you warm sales leads.

“I’m afraid of what people might think.” a
When you use the right technique your customers will think you are helping them by helping you. We show you how.

“We’re afraid they’ll say no.”
They might but they will probably say YES when you learn the right way to ask.

“I’m worried that we might spoil the relationship.”
This is probably the biggest concern sales people have.  But when you do it right, it actually builds your relationship with your customers. And you want to do that don’t you.

“OK – I admit it, I h aven’t got the confidence.” 
Good on you for admitting it but guess what? We are all nervous when we try something new. It’s human nature, so you are in a select group of 6bn other people.  Yet, once you start, it becomes the most natural way of improving your existing relationships plus it creates more new leads than you ever thought possible.

“We just don’t know what to say.”
99% of people don’t know what to say to begin with and that includes your competition. You can get a flying start on your competitors when we show you what to say and how to do it – easily.

  You can very easily overcome all of these apparent obstacles so you can be the one in your business who gets

  • Loyal customers who keep spending - even in tough times!
  • A continuous flood of new business enquiries
  • Leading to increased sales
  • Generating greater profits.
  • Which gives you a higher profile in your field
  • And guarantees a self-generating cycle of new leads.

And best of all – it costs you virtually nothing!

Discover the 5 simple rules that turn your existing clients into a fantastic goldmine of sales profits. Start taking the opposition’s business now!

"The feedback has been so good that those who missed out on seeing you are now knocking on our door and asking when we can get you back."
Brownie Wijohn – Trade Coach, North Power Ltd.

This session is all about pulling the dollars out of a networking event.  In it you will learn:

  • The 8 secrets millionaires use to grow their businesses.
  • The psychology you must have to influence people – and it’s really easy.
  • The art of introducing yourself easily without fear so you will be the one people look up to.

" Your ideas and suggestions have made a real difference. We are producing very successful long-term connections that are already showing positive results in the business. Your sessions really filled out (our knowledge) and gave us the specifics and confidence to make it work."
Glen Carter and Gary George - Directors, Think Mortgage Solutions

While others struggle, you can fly, with a continuous river of new business opportunity.

Give yourself and immediate advantage. Find out the one thing that can do to convert your leads to a continuous river of business. This one tip is without doubt thesingle best way to grow your sales and the great thing is that over 87% of other sales people don’t do it.  If you only do one thing in your business life, it HAS to be this. Get ready to “shake hands with the cash!”

There is a bonus add-on for this module  -  Targeting Chartered Accountants As Willing Business Partners

Accountants can be tremendous sources of new business for you. After all, they deal with companies every day.

Learn to approach an accountant so they say "yes"

"I have opened doors I never would have thought possible using the systems and techniques Bill teaches. It’s amazing!"
Peter Scott – Commercial Lease Consultant and Director, Parallel Direction.

Overcome the deep-seated fears that stop us winning.

We all experience fear.  But there are two types of people.

  • Those that let fear rob them of their rightful success and
  • Those that use that fear to excite and energise them to achieve the results that everyone else dreams about and envies. 

Which one are you?

It doesn't matter which you are now because you will learn the 3 answers that will free you forever so you can become the person you WANT to be.

" You turned what can be a shy and often fearful subject into bite size pieces and made it very easy to see the steps needed to be very successful in this area."
Andrew Bowman - MD, First Travel Group.

A hands-on, practical, step-by-step process that targets 20 potential business relationships and explains how to grow five sources of continuous referrals from this.

  • Prepare an armoury for your briefcase – be ready for anything. Be bullet-proof.
  • Be introduced by existing clients to bigger, more profitable leads.

If you want REAL results - here is your solution!

"I now get phone calls regularly from people referred by my network of business contacts. Networks equal money – it’s a must for profitable business."
Mark Sprosen – Director, Solutions Accounting Services.

  • Have you got problems with your existing referral system?
  • Have you got leads but don’t know how to get dollars out of them?
  • Is your boss or bank manager on your back and you are wondering how you are ever going to meet your sales targets?

Your problems are over! This workshop is the most interactive and fun of all.

You bring your problem leads and referrals to the workshop and Bill will FIX them for you using "Sleight of Mouth" tips that have customers ready to give you money.

"You catered for the full range of advisors from new comers to those with twenty years experience with simple to understand and use techniques and ideas that they could implement the first day back on the job."
Dave McMillan – Chairman Professional Advisors Association.


How often do you spend money on training but never get real value form it?

Do you know how to make a permanent change in your sales team so you stop wasting your precious training dollars?

Discover the 4 competencies you need to make it happen so you get successful, profitable business referrals.

"Bill's advice has literally tripled my company's sales!"
Peter Shallard – Master NLP Practitioner


Keywords: Networking, Sales Leads

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