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By: Bill James  06-Dec-2011
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How to make your sales lead generation the most effective marketing in your industry and leave your competitors wondering what happened.

Make Your Fortune - One Face at a Time

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to produce more sales leads than anyone else? And more leads means more sales right? Their business just keeps on growing while others struggle to pay the bills each week.

Some sales people come into the office all happy and raring to go. They sit at their desk, go for their Rolodex, pick up the phone and.. Then they stop. Hmmm "Just who shall I call today?" they ask.

"I called Joe last week. Steve is out of town today. Jane said not to call ‘til next month."

They run out of prospects and the whole day suddenly looks bleak and horrible.

Perhaps you know a business like that.

Others, a much smaller number, stroll into the office, fix themselves a coffee, amble over to their desk. They pick up the phone and seem to have an unending number of people to call. Another new order. An appointment for next week. A presentation to make tomorrow. And another order. Then they go out to meet the people they spoke to yesterday. Some sales people seem to move effortlessly from one new client or deal to another.

  • Why is that?
  • How do they do it?
  • Are they charmed?
  • Do the gods smile on them?
  • What is it that makes it all so easy for them?

Well it doesn’t have to be that way. It can be a whole lot easier for you and our business too.

It’s called referrals. And it’s great for successful businesses too.

Yes. Referral business is the easiest and most profitable way to grow your business. Satisfied customers and clients recommend you to potential new clients. And when you call those prospects, they are already warm. The other people have already sung your praises. They know how good you are. You just have to make the relationship happen.

So how do you get this magic situation to come about?

Well, in my 5-CD pack, Swim in a River of Referrals, I tell you exactly how you can make it happen for you.

  • There are eight main reasons why your business can profit form these strategies.
  • Seven ways to use you business card properly and profitably so it doesn’t end up in the bin along with 90% of all the other cards.
  • Three ways to make new contacts without being pushy.
  • Six ways to get your clients to refer you to new clients eager to hear form you.
  • How to identify new prospects where-ever you go and they are everywhere.
  • And many more.

I’ll explain to you how to make sure this approach never stops working.

And how to make your new found success work even better.

How can I be so sure I can help you?

I’ve spent over 25 years in selling, much of that time in probably the hardest industry to sell - insurance. It’s always a party-killer that one. "And what do you do Bill?" "I sell insurance." "Nice meeting you. I must go and talk to Jim over there."

Yet for over 16 years, I haven’t made a single cold-call. And all through that time my businesses have continued to grow. How? By using the strategies and tips I talk about in this 5-CD pack.

I know they work. They’ve worked for me. They’ve worked for my clients. And they’ve worked for my clients' clients too. They WILL work for you as well.

And you won’t have to cold call anyone. How great will that feel?

To get yourself ahead of your competitors, whether they are other companies or other people on your sales team, give yourself an unfair advantage and start using the tried and tested techniques in the Swim in a River of Referrals 5-CD pack. Invest in your sales success now to create more sales leads and improve your lead generation marketing with the Swim in a River of Referrals

How much is one new client worth to you? $100? $400? $1,200? And how many new clients can you produce? This 5-CD-pack will pay for itself in no time. So start making your business more profitable now and add Swim in a River of Referrals to your shopping cart now.

My 200% guarantee to you.

If you don’t make twice the price of this pack in new sales within one whole year, just call my office and my staff will refund your money, no questions asked. If it’s not working for you, I don’t want you to feel obligated or that you haven’t had value for your money. It’s not good for my business if people aren’t getting their money’s worth so you can order in complete confidence that you will make a profit.


Bill James – "More Business Right Now!"

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Keywords: Lead Generation, Sales Leads

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