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By: Bill James  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Networking, Lead Generation, Sales Leads

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 How to Gain 5 New Customers within Four Weeks -

 Without having to make any cold calls and only talking to people who want to hear from you. 

 We all need new customers and most of us dread having to call people to "sell" them something, however good our product or service. So how is it possible to get people to start giving you a steady stream of business in just a few short weeks?

Word of mouth marketing is definitely the easiest and best way to grow your sales.  Most people rely on referrals happening but that is a slow and often sadly disappointing way - guaranteed to keep you poor.

By creating a referral network and a sales lead generation marketing system, you will arguably create more profitable sales leads that convert easier and last longer than any other customer-creation method there is.

Bill has a challenge for you. "The Target 20 Challenge" - to create five new sources of business within as few as four weeks.  He lays out a simple step-by-step plan for you and even gives you proven scripts to use that have successfully started fantastic business relationships that have produced new customers for himself and his clients year after year.

For almost 20 years Bill has used these strategies and tactics to produce sales without making a single cold-call.  And it's all built on the principle of business relationships and networking. Or as Bill calls it, netWORKing because, like anything that is worth doing, it does require some work on your part. 

But it's so much easier than the usual sales methods you hear about.  It takes time to build but as Bill says. "Learn in seconds. Practice in hours. Cost almost nothing."

Your challenge is to target 20 companies who you think will be able to refer you just the right new customers and build long-lasting business relationships that produce amazing win-win situations for everyone involved.

In the programme, you will learn: 

  • The Law that you must know and use to grow your business relationships.
  • What is the Lone Ranger mentality and why will it stop your business from growing?
  • How to locate exactly the right businesses to partner with - even though you may not know who they are right now!
  • How to be introduced to those partnerships so they welcome you with open arms.
  • There is one huge mistake that most people who think they are networkers make.
  • How to serve people on two levels for long-lasting, profitable relationships and how can you combine them.
  • How to position yourself as an expert to grow your business.
  • The keys to an ongoing relationship full of value.
  • Magic ways of always having something worthwhile to talk about and keep the relationship fresh - and producing business - for years to come.

You are probably thinking that you could never convince people to give you referrals. In the target 20 sales lead generation programme, Bill gives you 3 steps simple steps to build your confidence and make you stand out.

Where can I get sales leads?

The next question most people ask is "Where can I find these business referrals?"  There are two easy areas for the best referral marketing and you are probably in touch with them most days.

Referrals aren't always good.  You need to target the right referrals.  When Bill applied this to his business, he had a dawning insight that increased his income at a stroke. He went from converting 30% to 70% of appointments!  And it's something that anyone can copy.

In Section 13, Bill explains the concept of a Web of Influence that will open your eyes to more referrals opportunities than you ever thought possible.   

How do you convert the sales leads to paying customers?

Once you have the leads, you still have to do something to turn that prospect into money in your bank.  And the easiest way to ensure success is to have a referral system or process. Bill not only lays out the systems to use but also provides you with a tried and tested script to use.

Don't let the term "sales script" put you off.  There are two types of salespeople - successful and poor. All successful salespeople know the value of a script.  Unsuccessful ones don't. And one of the hardest things is, knowing what to say at the right time isn't it? Well, here it is laid out word by word!

The sales lead program shows you how to make sales calls without sounding pushy or cheesy.  

When you make the phone call, do you know your ONE objective and how to get past the Gatekeeper and making the appointment?

Actually getting through to your prospect can be difficult with telephone-tag or a difficult gatekeeper. There is one line that works every time. And it doesn't need you to be pushy to achieve your objective. In fact, it makes everyone feel at ease, including you.    

The four stages to building a successful working relationship.

Once you have made an appointment, you need to know how to keep building the relationship and, how to keep valuable information for the future.

Bill explains what to do in the actual meeting with the prospect.  Listen to Bill explain the four stages to conducting a successful prospecting meeting.

There is one simple statement to use that will ensure you are invited back for a second meeting.  

Bill's 9 steps for long-lasting relationships

Other sales trainers give you 8 ways to build that relationship you have started.  Bill goes one better and has a unique 9th step which will open you to even more customers and better relationships.

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Keywords: Lead Generation, Networking, Sales Leads

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