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By: Beverley International  05-Apr-2012
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Beverley International is working in partnership with various different Recruitment Consultants with years of experience in the New Zealand recruitment industry. All our Recruitment Consultants are experts in their own fields and hold an extensive range of contacts in their database of employers requiring expertise from hospitality based positions through to technical and professional positions. We specialize in placing migrants, whether part of a Residence application or a stand-alone Work Visa application. We are ideally placed to assist you in navigating the current requirements for your Work Visa as applications has become more complex in recent times. Beverley International is not a recruitment agency.

Employers have recently become more frustrated with the apparent resistance of the New Zealand Immigration Service to grant Work Visas which would assist the employment of urgently required staff. The current economic climate contributed to numerous stumble blocks and as the New Zealand Immigration fall under the Department of Labor whose primary function is to maximize the employment opportunities and safety of New Zealand resident employees, they have been required to give stronger consideration to ensuring local unemployed are not disadvantaged. This can appear that the New Zealand Work Visa instructions may be seen as complex and unyielding, with discretion rarely granted. It is therefore critical that all care possible is taken with lodging your application with the relevant documentation and information required for a successful result.

In New Zealand, there are specific skill shortages that can be constant, seasonal or on the short or long term skill shortage. These are driven by demand, therefore change is inevitable. At the time off assessing your application, we can advise under which category to apply.

There are various categories under which to apply. Some fall under the Temporary category, while others may lead to New Zealand Residence. In all the categories, the health and character requirements need to be met. The various categories are:

Skilled Migrant:

please see

Temporary Work

This category is applicable if you have a job offer from a New Zealand employer, when you are skilled in an occupation that is in demand in New Zealand, or when you are coming to New Zealand for a particular purpose or event and people who want to gain work experience or work after studying in New Zealand.

Working Holiday

This may be applicable when you are aged between 18 to 30 years. New Zealand currently has arrangements with 30 countries allowing young people to obtain working holiday visas to travel to New Zealand to holiday and undertake work during their stay. There are annual quota limits on some countries (eg: 1000 places for China) but no limit on the numbers of people who can apply from the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Sweden and United States of America.

Silver Fern categories

The Silver Fern visas are designed to attract young, skilled workers to New Zealand. The Silver Fern Job Search online visa application opens on 27 April annually. Successful applicants who come to New Zealand and find skilled employment will then be able to apply for a Silver Fern Practical Experience visa to stay and work in New Zealand longer.

Partnership Instructions

INZ instructions recognises a partnership relationship as one where two people are physically living together as a couple in a genuine and stable relationship. Whether a couple is married, or not, may be a consideration in determining the “genuiness” of the relationship but marriage itself is not a instruction requirement. Instruction does not differentiate between heterosexual or same-sex relationships and there are no English language or age requirements within partnership immigration policies. The sponsoring partner, as well as the applicant partner, must satisfy good character requirements. There are a number of policies which allow family members to enter, and remain in, New Zealand on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Work Instruction

Overseas passport holders who do not hold New Zealand residence MUST hold a valid and applicable work visa before they can work in New Zealand. There are a range of work visa policies which can be considered depending on the circumstances and only the main policies are discussed in this section:

Normal work instruction requires all the following criteria to be satisfied.

  • The applicant to have an offer of employment for a full time (30 hours per week) position which is in accordance with New Zealand employment law
  • The applicant to have work experience and/or qualifications relevant to the position requirements
  • The employer satisfies INZ, and provides evidence, that they have made a genuine attempt to locate and employ New Zealand citizens or residents for the position. This normally means the position has to have been advertised with no responses from suitable candidates. The position should also be one that New Zealanders are unable to be easily trained for
  • The employer should be credible and the position financially sustainable. It can be difficult to obtain work visas for positions such as those associated with customer service, cleaning, clerical, labouring and production work.

Work visas cannot normally be issued for any positions payable by commissions only, or in self employment (there are exceptions) or in any position within the prostitution industry. Work visas are endorsed to allow the applicant to work only in the position offered and only for the employer specified on the visa label. A new work visa application or a Variation of Conditions application is required to be approved to facilitate any change in the employment terms from those specified on the original visa label. Work Visas are issued for the period of the employment offered to an initial maximum of 3 years. All applicants must meet health and character requirements.

Work to Residence category

allows you to get a temporary work visa as a step towards gaining permanent residence. Applicants may be qualified in occupations that are in demand in New Zealand, or may have exceptional talent in sports or the arts.

Talent (Accredited Employer) Work Category

applies if you have a job offer from an accredited employer in New Zealand, you can apply for a work visa for up to 30 months under the INZ Talent (Accredited Employers) Work Category. When you have worked here for an accredited employer for two years you can apply for residence.

Applicants must:


have an offer of full time skilled employment in New Zealand for a period of at least 24 months from an Accredited Employer for a salary of NZ$55,000 or more in the employer’s main business activity

b. be 55 years or younger
c. be able to meet registration requirements if this is required to take up the position in New Zealand.

Talent (Arts, Sports and Culture) Work Category

- In this category an applicant with exceptional talent in a particular field of art, sport or culture, aged 55 or under and holding a sponsorship may apply for a work visa as a step towards residence under Work to Residence, Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports) Work Category. The application need to be supported by a New Zealand organization of national repute and be sponsored by either an individual or the organisation that supports you.

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

Keywords: Business Visa, Migration, Work Visa

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