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By: Belzona  06-Dec-2011

Reptech has made it our business to be an indispensable asset to our customers. We recognise that top quality products are only effective with a support mechanism to ensure they are used properly. Therefore, we offer uncompromising support unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Our experienced team of Technical Consultants, many of whom are NACE certified Coating Inspectors, has a history of quality applications. We can offer guidance or practical assistance for each step of your project, from diagnosing the problem and recommending an appropriate solution to performing or supervising the application. We can also recommend local application companies or arrange training for your own personnel or contractors.

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Our proven solutions to a wide array of maintenance and repair issues have allowed us to gain the confidence of countless engineers, planners, contractors, and maintenance personnel. With over 50 products specially engineered to work within the parameters of your demanding environment, we offer solutions in a variety of industries. Belzona product lines are manufactured to resolve erosion and corrosion threats in a variety of industries.


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While erosion, corrosion, and physical damage pose a threat to many industries, we understand that the real issues are the downtime, efficiency decline, profit loss, and safety hazards created by the root problem. Reducing labor by eliminating the need for disassembly, welding, and post weld heat treatment. For the repair and protection of concrete subject abrasion, impact, and chemical attack.