Acne treatment tips - Beauty With Substance

By: Beauty With Substance  05-Apr-2012

Natural acne treatment can help adolescents, men and women alike. Jose shares some tips for keeping your skin clear.

A skin with acne is very complex and hard to treat. It is very common for you adolescents to have break outs or an acne skin because the rapid increase of hormones is the cause, creating an influx of sebum in the skin.

It takes a few years for these hormones to settle and then the acne will often disappear. But, in my 30 years of practice, I have seen an increase in acne skin appearing in much older women and men.

All this over exposure, tension and stress increases our cortisol levels in the blood which is a normal healthy hormone when we are in a fight or flight situations and increases our sharpness. It is meant for a short term solution to deal with an acute situation. If we have this constantly present it creates havoc in our metabolic system and putting a strain on our lever and other organs.Our body sends out warning signals to take it easy as in, colds, headaches, stomach flare ups or acne. If we keep ignoring these signals it will worsen. And people start to notice anxiety (attacks), depression and irritable bowels etc.If you think about all that could go wrong, acne could almost be the blessing in disguise.However, acne is literally ‘in your face’ and of course we need to deal with it.