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Professor Lynn Ferguson

Genes, Diet and Breast Cancer

Dr Andrew Shelling talks about
genetics and risk

Dr Andrew Shelling gave this address at the BCN Annual

Meeting in May 2010. Dr Shelling, an Associate Professor at

Auckland University, is head of the Medical Genetics Group.

His laboratory is interested in understanding the molecular

Andrew Shelling

changes that occur during the development of disease, particularly those occurring in breast and ovarian cancer, but also including premature menopause and infertility.

An understanding of these important changes will eventually improve the early detection of disease, and give opportunity to target more effective treatment. It was this together with a family history of cancer that he spoke about.

View Dr Andrew Shelling's presentation here

BCN Updates in Chinese

Herceptin Update

Vitamin D and Cancer

In May 2009 our AGM was addressed by Dr Robert Scragg, Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, School of Population Health, University of Auckland, talking about Vitamin D and Cancer.

He told those present that there is fairly good evidence for a link between low levels of vitamin D and colorectal cancer, and suggestive evidence of a link with breast cancer, with the need for further studies.  His talk is featured in Issue 85 of Upfront U Kaiora, June/July 2009.

BCN is pleased to provide Dr Scragg's talk/presentation here for readers of our website.

Dr Scragg - Speaker AGM 2009

Anne and Dr Scragg - AGM 2009

Keywords: Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Detection, Breast Cancer Prevention, Breast Cancer Research, Breast Cancer Risk Factors, Breast Cancer Stories, Breast Cancer Support, Breast Cancer Treatment, Health Information, Metastatic Breast Cancer

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News & Action

An expert panel event was first considered in 2007 after BCN petitioned the New Zealand Government to address the high incidence, and resultant high impact of breast cancer on the health of New Zealand women. Several years ago, when working in Australia, the idea for a project – portraits of strength – came to Damien and he has now photographed women at various stages in their journey with breast cancer.



The goal was to introduce women in smaller centres to information about reducing the risk of breast cancer, and to encourage libraries to feature their range of breast cancer books during October. Recommendation 48 - “that patients be provided with better information on the travel subsidies available” See Issues 87, 88 and 89 of Upfront U Kaiora on our Resources page.


Herceptin® Update

The prognosis is poorer for the 25 to 30% of breast cancer patients who have such tumours – the cancer is more aggressive, growing more quickly and spreading more rapidly, there is a higher rate of recurrence and it is more invasive leading more often to metastases.


Conference Report

The conference theme, Moving Forward Together – Ahu Whakamua Tatou, reflected the atmosphere and sense of purpose through the three days of plenary sessions and workshops. Breast Cancer Network’s 1st National Conference for those who have experienced Breast Cancer was an amazing experience - informative and inspiring, fabulous and fun.