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By: Base Psychology  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Clinical Psychology, Brain Injury, Psychology Assessment

Clinical Psychology
Base Psychology provides Clinical Psychology assessment and treatment for individual's 17 years and over whose lives have been changed following brain injury. An initial assessment will review any areas of difficulty you may be experiencing and identify specific goals for therapy.

Therapy is about developing a greater understanding of issues or challenges that might be effecting you and developing your own solutions for these difficulties. It is not like going to see a mechanic or accountant where you can hand over a problem and have them fix it. With personal or relationship issues you will ultimately do the work.

Usually you will be only be seen for one hour per week so you may be given suggestions to assist a problem that you will have to try out. You may be asked to complete practical tasks as experiments to approach a problem differently. Alternatively you may be asked a series of questions to get you thinking about the situation and how you traditionally dealt with it and how you may be able to deal with it in the future.

Neuropsychological Assessment
Base Psychology completes Neuropyschological Assessments for individuals 17 and over who have sustained a brain injury. A Neuropyschological Assessment is a comprehensive assesment of cognitive (thinking) and behavioral functions using a set of standardised tests and interview questioning.

The assessment is typically recommended for situations in which an individual may have sustained an injury to the brain and further information is required about cognitive or behaviour change. The assessments are often conducted following traumatic brain injury, stroke, medical illnesses, neurological disorders, prolonged and excessive substance use or chemical exposure.

Private Supervision
Private supervision is available to clinicians working in the brain injury field. Frequency of input is provided as is necessary for each clinician.

Workshops / Seminars
Base Psychology has provided seminars to various organisations and disiplines on a range of topics in the Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology fields. Previous workshops have included Behaviour Management Approaches, Risk Management, and Working with Neuropsychologists and Other Disciplines.

Keywords: Brain Injury, Clinical Psychology, Psychology Assessment