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By: Balluff-leuze  06-Dec-2011
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Balluff GmbH. are an experienced manufacturer of multiple position limit switches, inductive sensors, RF-ID systems and Linear transducers. To this they add products such as capacitive, optical sensors, and rotary encoders.

Specialising in Automation products for over 50 years, allows Balluff to manufacture products that are reliable, and perfomance leading. All this without forgetting to continue to make one of the most cost effective ranges there is in the market today.

Inductive sensors, proximity switches, prox's, inductive switches, inductive proxies or however you call them, are the mainstay of modern automation. Here Balluff's continuing manufacting innovations push the perfomance levels up and costs down.
With specialised sensors for longer range (up to 4 times the range of a standard sensor), Balluff puts the sensor out of harms way. For those applications that cannot be protected, there is the Slag master for welding slag, and the proxi-max stainless steel sensors for the ultimate wash down protection.
Of course for standard applications where extra performance and durability are not a primary concern there is the Blackline series. A very cost effective range with all the usual Balluff features of Reverse Polarity Protection, Short Circuit Protection, IP67, Choice of M12 connector or prefitted cable.

Balluff's inductive sensors are available in cylindrical housings from 3mm to 30mm, and in a variety of rectangular housings. Balluff's inductive sensors offer some of the longest sensing ranges available with up to 40mm in an M30 housing as an example. It doesn't matter what inductive sensor you need, Balluff is likely to have what you want at a value for money price.

Balluff has inductive sensor manufacturing plants in Germany, Hungary, USA, Brasil, and Japan producing sensors to suit both local and international markets. A large number of plants means prompt deliveries world wide. No wonder the Automotive industry has come to rely on Balluff as one of the major sensor supplies (if not the major supplier) for their inductive sensor needs. Utmost reliability, performance and dependable supply are the key requirements of any automotive company.

The Balluff Multiple Limit Switch range is famous for outstanding durability and long life. From the rugged plunger designs through to the heavy duty switch contact blocks, these switches represent the best. Often used in CNC machines, these switches have to cope with swarf, coolant, vibration and sometime large knocks.
As usual you get a great choice from Balluff, with multiple housing styles, plunger choice, Contact block choice (including an optional safety contact block), and also even a non-contact inductive style for the ultimate operation life. With up to 50 Million operations mechanical durability, these switches will last.
Last but not least there is a choice of accessories to complete the system, with gound and hardend Cams, Cam trays and Cables and connectors for the pluggable versions.

Need to know where something is? Need it to be accurate? Well the Balluff Linear Transducer is for you. Using a non-contact magno-restrictive technology, these wear free devices can measure down to 2 Micron resolution. And being a non-contact technology, they are perfectly sealed for industrial applications.
With a choice of Rod housing (ideal for hydraulic cylinders), rectangular profile, and tubular profile, these devices can be adapted to almost any application. And don't forget the range of outputs available. These will allow almost any control system today to be able to interface directly to the transducer.
If that is not enough for you then what about all the accessories. Balluff can supply just about everything you need to make your application plug and play. Lengths up to 5500mm will solve many of your positioning requirements.

Need to identify something? Know information about the status of an item in production? What about its test history? Then Balluff's BIS RF-ID system may just be what you are looking for. Rugged and highly reliable these system are well known in the Automotive industry and machine tool industry. Often used to record information
and characteristics about an individual tool, allows manufacturers to produce more consistant and more accurate products. With read only tags all with a unique number or read/write tags, allowing data to be updated, these RF-ID systems are all about flexibility. Perhaps one of the most interesting features
is the ability of some systems to read a tag embeded in metal. Try doing that with other tags and you may be in for a surprise. As you would expect Balluff have a large range if interfaces, read heads and tag styles to suit a large variety of applications.

The new COMPACTplus safety light curtains and multi-beam safety light barriers of Leuze lumiflex convince ever more users by their efficient functions as Teach-in Blanking, Muting, Override, Single/Double break, monitoring of safety switches or emergency stop push buttons, IR-diagnosis and their user-friendliness. The individual basic functions of the devices are simply selectable over Dip-switches. With the new PC-software SafetyLab an efficient diagnostic and parameterizing tool is available now. Similarly like a Safety-PLC functions, control- and status signals can freely be selected and assigned up to 15 receiver I/O-ports. Thus the COMPACTplus safety sensors can be adapted optimally to machine-specific setting of tasks. The light barriers can take over safety-relevant control and monitoring functions from former external control devices. The diagnostic functionality reaches from the visualization of the infrared light beams and all I/O signals, the storage and read-out of events, up to the sampling of signal processes.

COMPACTplus-i safety light curtain with control functionality

Now already available, the COMPACTplus-i safety light curtains made by Leuze lumiflex not only serve to protect operating personnel: they can also take on additional safety-related control functions in connection with manually fed machines that work to a cycle. They correspond to type 4 as defined by IEC/EN 61496-1 and 2, and can be supplied with a height of protective field ranging from 150 to 1800 mm, with resolution settings of 14 mm and 30 mm in each case. Numerous functions of an external safety control device - like 1-cycle operation, 2-cycle operation and safety door surveillance – have already been incorporated in the light curtain receiver, and can easily be adjusted by means of internal DIP switches. The settings can be customised with the help of the optical PC interface of the receiver and the convenient SafetyLab diagnosis and parameterizing software. The functional package "Initiation" (machine cycle controls) includes the following functions:

- Cyclical operation modalities for controlling the machine through the light curtain, either with fixed settings or selectable with the help of an external selection switch that defines the operating mode
- Guard mode, 1-cycle or 2-cycle controls (up to eight cycles with PC parameterization)
- Various modes of cycle deletion, for ideal adaptation to the machine controls
- Optional additional release signal for the last cycle, e.g. of a workpiece inspection
- Start-up testing and start-up / restart interlock, optionally by means of 2 start buttons
- Device monitoring, static or dynamic
- Fixed and movable phasing out of objects in the protective field, as well as reduced resolution option
- Bypass control of the non-hazardous part of a movement
- Inputs for monitoring of an additional safety sensor, e.g. for safety door surveillance
- Parameterizable status signal output, for ideal linking with central machine diagnostics.

Like all devices in the COMPACTplus series, the COMPACTplus-i is available with a selection of output variants:

- Transistor output with cable screwing or equipped with plug
- Relay output with cable screwing or equipped with plug
- AS-Interface Safety at Work, and in future PROFIsafe will also be an option.

While the setting up and commissioning of safety technology on the basis of COMPACTplus-i is becoming simpler all round, it is now possible with simpler machines to dispense altogether with the installation of safety components in the switch cabinet that was necessary in the past.

New COMPACTlaser multi-beam safety light barriers with integrated laser alignment aid

Multi-sided machine safeguarding by safety light barriers together with deflecting mirrors guarantee optimal protection of the personnel with at the same time unhindered accesibility. Over mirrors deflected infrared light beams form here a multilateral, invisible protection fence around the entire danger area. An accurate

optical adjustment of sensors and mirrors is here a necessary task of system start-up. Over the customer requirement after shorter turn-around time and at the same time higher adjustment quality to fulfill equipped Leuze lumiflex its new type 4 multi-beam safety light barriers series COMPACTlaser now with integrated red

light adjustment lasers. The safety light barriers have a range of 70 m and are available in 2 and 3-beam versions. A well thought accessories program consisting of deflecting mirror columns with spring elements for the automatic resetting after mechanical impacts, integrated spirit levels, mounting kit and descriptive adjustment instructions complete this all-round solution aligned at the customer use. Operational area of these safety sensors is the multisided access guarding at machines and plants e.g. at sheet metal working centers, punching and laser cutting machines.

CPRT- muting - effective operator protection with an optimal flow of material

Productivity and safety count among the essential requirements of automated manufacturing systems. In materials handling technology, safety light barriers with a muting function can ensure the safety of personnel at all times, without holding up the conveyance of materials. The new CPRT-m type 4 multibeam safety light barrier made by Leuze Lumiflex offers a particularly flexible and economic solution for this purpose. So as to keep the outlay on cabling as low as possible, the active components – transmitter, receiver and the integrated evaluation unit – are all accommodated together in as single housing (known as a ‘transceiver’).

All the sensors that are required in order to distinguish between human beings and materials, together with the operating and display components, can likewise be connected by means of M12 connection technology directly to the device on site, without need of a cable connection to the switch cabinet. On the other side of the conveyance path a pre-adjusted deflecting mirror system effects the passive deflection of the beam back to the transceiver.

Various output component groups, selectable at will – such as semiconductors, relays or the integrated AS-i safety interface – offer optimal conditions for integrating the device with any kind of control system. The various muting modes can be selected by means of six DIP switches. An integrated infrared interface facilitates application-specific parameterisation and diagnosis by means of the SafetyLab PC software.

Muting can be more than just muting – as you can see for yourself.

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