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By: Ayres Legal  06-Dec-2011

Property is fundamental to most clients. Not only does property provide a home but also a method of securing borrowing for personal and business purposes. Property is used by many clients as a hedge against inflation. We have extensive experience in property law and the relevant taxation issues.

We are able to advise in all matters relating to agreements for sale and purchase, review of titles, building inspections and LIMs.

Know what you are buying

It is important (to us) that each client knows what they are buying and that the property they purchase meets their expectations.

Council matters

As there is increasing complexity relating to houses and council requirements, you need to be satisfied that the property you buy meets those requirements and you will not be spending hard earned money fixing defects.


If you need mortgage finance we recommend you contact us for a referral to a bank or experienced mortgage broker so that your application receives the attention it deserves.

Advice before you sign

We are available to advise on any agreement before you sign, so please feel free to call us, or have your agent fax your offer to us, for advice. We are able to refer you to qualified experts to assist with building reports, valuations and insurance assessments.


We have significant experience in unit tiles, cross-leases and sub-divisions and can advise on all matters pertaining to plan lodgement, issue of new titles and taxation issues relating to sub-division and development activity.


Caveats are a useful means of protecting an interest. However, not all interests can be protected by a caveat. We can assist with the lodgement of caveats as appropriate, as well as having caveats removed.

Other products and services from Ayres Legal


Services // Ayres Legal - services

Cost – effective advice is important to clients and regular reporting helps you keep track of what is happening and while keeping costs under control. Tax, GST, share trading, land dealings, rental properties, LAQCs, associated persons, gift duty. Ayres Legal pride ourselves on giving each client the best service we can.


Services // Ayres Legal - business

We offer our years of experience in the sale and purchase of businesses including advice on leases, guarantees, franchises, distribution agreements, terms of trade, employment, contracts, gift duty, income tax and GST. This will commit you to significant unseen lease obligations that you need to know about before you sign. Early advice on employment matters can also be important to the outcome of problems within the business.


Services // Ayres Legal - relationship

Whether or not property is owned by a trust, we can advise on how best to maintain separate property interests so as to avoid an unanticipated claim from a partner or spouse. We prepare and advise on relationship property agreements and can help you decide whether or not an agreement is appropriate for you. Many clients understand the implications of the legislation and confidently deal with these issues in an informed manner.