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By: Axium  06-Dec-2011
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Axium KPC 2.8 OLED Touch Screen

The Axium KPC 2.8 is a fully programmable 2.8” Colour OLED Touch screen. When the KPC 2.8 is used with an Axium multi-zone amplifi­er, full 2 way feed-back of source selection, power, mute and volume status is provided. The KPC 2.8 is also capable of learning and sending IR commands and can also be used as a standalone keypad to control virtually any IR or RS-232 capable device.

Full 2-way RS-232 control and paging outputs are available on the KPC 2.8 when used with the Axium AX-R4 RS232 router and the prebuilt Axium applets that are provide through our software suite.

Programming and design of the Axium KPC 2.8 is done through the 

Axium Keypad Manager

Software, which includes a host of features to simplify programming and enhance amplifi­er and source equipment control. Page layout and design is essentially limited only by your imagination.. what else would you expect.

Supported two-way Applets Include:
  • iPort Docking station for IPod (FS-22 and IW-22)
  • Axium Alarm Clock Setup
  • Vantage Lighting
  • Vantage DMM
  • C-Bus lighting
  • Integra Receiver Lite
  • Integra, CD, DVD. Receiver z 1 & 2
  • Integra Universal Port Devices, IPod, HD Radio, DAB
  • ReQuest Media Servers
  • Photo Slideshow
  • T118RDS Tuner with RDS info
  • Autonomic Media
  • Luxom Lighting

Axium KPD LCD Display Keypad - Now in Stock

The Axium KPD keypad is seriously clever, the KPD can be setup as an IR learning keypad to control almost any IR device available. Then connect it to an Axium amplifier and get full 2 way feedback of power, source selection, mute and volume levels.

The 1.5” colour screen provides plenty of viewing area for the customisable text and font size, even colour and different languages can be used.

The background can be user defined colours or images.

Increase the AX-KPD functionality with the Axium AX-R4 and you have 2 way applet control with feed back from a host of 3rd party devices in an incredibly cost effective package.

Put that together with IR pass through, Eurpean (square) and international (rectangular) black and white cover plate options that ship in the box, it cant be touched for flexibility and performance.


  • 1.5” colour TFT LCD
  • -Contrast ratio = 200:1
  • -Viewing angle = 45° (H & V)
  • -240 (RGB) x 320 Dot
  • -64K Colours
  • Operating voltage = 12VDC ± 3V
  • Current draw typically 100mA, Maximum = 140mA
  • Memory: 4Mbytes Flash for GUI and IR commands.
  • IR learning for Modulated IR codes.
  • Large IR database supplied, IR codes using the ‘HEX’ code format may be imported into Axium keypad manager program.
  • Full featured conditional flow macro functions.
  • Anti-aliased Text with user defined Font, Colour and Unicode support.
  • Background images may be imported and scaled. Supports BMP, JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.
  • Keypad firmware updated using Axium Keypad Manager Program.
  • 2 way RS232 and IR routing when used with the Axium     AX-R4 and supplied Applets. Current Applets:
  • Integra Tuner, CD/DVD & Receiver including Z2 and Z3.
  • Sonance I-Port docking station.
  • Axium Alarm, Clock, and Setup
  • BMB T118 RDS Tuner
  • More Applets available
  • Wiring: Up to 300m of CAT5E ‘Home run’ cable.
  • Connection: RJ45 plug.
  • Mounting for European or Australasian / USA style flush box.
  • White & Black cover plates & lenses supplied for both European and Australasian / USA styles.

Axium KPA Simple Keypad

The Axium KPA simply controls and provides status feedback of source selection, power, mute and volume of an Axium series multiroom amplifier.

The KPA's are programmed manually when connected to an Axium amplifier.


  • Standby, Volume Up/Down, Six source keypad select keys
  • 32 Source Select Keycaps providing a selection of labels
  • Programmed manually from amplifier
  • Toggling Amp/Preamplifier control function.. if required
  • IR Receiver
  • Blue LED Source Selection indicators
  • Volume Level Indicator
  • RJ45 Crimp
  • White cover plate supplied

Axium AX-R4 Serial Controller

The Axium R4 Router works to unlock the full potential of the Axium KPC-2.8 OLED Touch Screen as well as being able to operate as a standalone device with 3rd party equipment.

The AX-R4 facilitates 2-way communication between the KPC-2.8 and a wide range of products bringing Metadata back from these devices to the end user, enhancing their experience in real time.

The addition of the AX-S4 Sensor provides detection of Audio, Video or Current enabling enhanced control of system power on / off and status.

Balanced feeds from the AX-R4 to the KPC-2.8 allow much linger runs of cable up to 100 meters.

Having auto detection & programming via the KPC-2.8, the R4 is virtually setup free, only needing changes for a static IP. In addition, the AX-R4 configuration software provides advanced RS232/IP diagnostics.

With 2-way RS232 and Ethernet, routed RS232/IR, paging output & real-time clock with internet lookup, the power of 2-way communication is realized.

Keywords: Keypad, Lcd Display, Programming

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