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By: /  26-Dec-2009
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How do you grow miniature avocado trees?

Most people think that it’s difficult or even impossible to grow avocados in small gardens. By small, I mean just a few square meters.

In fact avocados can be grown almost anywhere, and they can fruit within just couple years or even less.

They can be pruned to a height you can reach from the ground, and, this makes it possible to plant 3 or 4 –even better- different varieties in just 2x3m

Oh! The name avocado is derived from an Aztec word meaning "Testicle Tree" or "Testicle Fruit". They believed it to be a potent aphrodisiac! There are many mis-spelling of the word;
avacado, advorcado, avocardo, avarcardo, arvacado, advacado, avorcado, arvocado, afacado, but the correct English is Avocado.

“Darwin found cross-pollination resulted in more numerous, larger, heavier, vigorous and more fertile offspring…” 

The Secret Life of Plants

Here’re the top seven reasons why this works:

When you plant at least 3 or 4 different varieties close together -- I call this Space Saving Avocados -- you get:

1.More fruit per tree.

2.Early and consistent-- year after year-- fruit-set.

3.As different varieties mature separately, you’ll get all-year round avocado supply.

4.Easy and safe harvesting, tree management and maintenance.

5.You can keep them like an average shrub or even make a hedge out of them — easy picking.

6.In fact, the more varieties and types you plant, the better the results.

7.High sunlight penetration –pruning- means less plant pests and dis-eases.

Plant “Space Saving Avocados” and all your family and friends will be amazed how these, less than 2.5m high trees, can produce so much fruit!

Here’s a testimonial from a completely independent person who made remarks about an article about me in Weekend Gardener issue 281 & 283 published 2010.


Big not better

“I was interested in reading about avocados for small gardens in issue 281. I had a friend (since died) who grew an avocado tree… It was just over 6ft (1.8m)…

This tree was pruned every year and it was great not to have to stretch to pick the fruit. It always had lots of fruit on it. One year we counted over 200 avocados on the tree and she said this was common. Wendy Galloway, Omokoroa


Ask me for a short version of my book on avocados for you. For! 

Read it and ACT. It’s full of growing tips.

Although these unique trees are valued at $50 and more, they’re yours for $35.60 each.


Simple; I want to promote this new and unique service. They are not sold anywhere else.

What you can be assured of is this; “Every plant carries a bit of my soul”! I attend to every single plant personally.

Come pick up your trees from North Shore or have

3-4 of them couriered to most destinations for $22.22. Rural areas may cost $4.38 more.

Special formulated fertilizer, enough to last 3-4 plants for 3-2 years, is just $17.78. All prices exclude GST.

Please ask me for more tips on successfully growing mini-avocados almost anywhere --- even in small city properties.

P.S. If you’re satisfied with my service please introduce me to others. Get them interested. Sharing is good.

PP.S.It’s always THE BEST TIME to plant. Don’t wait as avocados love “warm feet”. Ask me how to do this. Go for it.

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