Top non-profit issues

By: Associations  06-Dec-2011

What are the top issues that non-profits have identified as being challenging to their organisations?

We have been privy to a thorough report around this very topic 'Survival: the ongoing challenge of having to deliver more with less' , published by Grant Thornton.

The top issues identified by non-profits will probably come as no surprise to many of you:
  • Funding and fundraising (all avenues)
  • Controlling expenditure within the organisation
  • Government and the state of the economy
  • Volunteers
  • Demand for your services
  • The role of the board/governance issues
  • Retaining and motivating key staff
  • Two key issues such as fundraising and controlling expenditure seems to feature highly as was found in previous year's results. What we found notable was that retaining and motivating key staff polled as the third most significant issue – slightly ahead of board and governance issues. Over the next period, it will be interesting to see how the non-profit sector manages and retains their paid and volunteer staff as the economy begins to recover.

The role of the board need not be diminished with regards to importance either – as we can see with the current issue around the EMA, the board is often asked to provide decisive and practical direction which is in the best interest of the charity or association.

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