By: Associations  06-Dec-2011

NZARC provides:

Advice and support to organisations

  • A phone service help desk, between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday (09  419 0042)
  • A locum service – for those associations in need of additional staff on an assignment basis
  • Consultation service.

NZARC provides specific information and advice on:

  • Governance training
  • Statutory obligations and legal requirements
  • Constitutional matters
  • Financial and tax issues
  • Strategic planning
  • Member and volunteer recruitment and retention
  • Human resource management and staff development
  • Industry and market changes and improving competitive advantage
  • Quality systems.

Education and training programmes

  • Training for executive officers
  • Seminars and workshops dealing with relevant, current issues facing the voluntary sector.

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Top non-profit issues

We have been privy to a thorough report around this very topic 'Survival: the ongoing challenge of having to deliver more with less', published by Grant Thornton. What we found notable was that retaining and motivating key staff polled as the third most significant issue – slightly ahead of board and governance issues.