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By: Armourguard  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Anti-Social Behaviour

Most complaints are about stereos, parties, band practise, alarms, construction and machinery. Local councils contract

Armourguard�s Noise Control Officers to keep the peace by working with offenders in an amenable and professional � yet firm - manner.

Our friendly community ambassadors walk the streets, assisting people in need and helping to keep the peace. Armourguard Walkwise�s visible presence helps deter anti-social behaviour and promote community well-being.

Armourguard Hostwise is a complete service for corporate hosting, conventions, meetings, events and concerts. Our hosts are trained in first aid, tourism and customer service. They work in city centres and other areas where there is a need for trained guides and people to assist visitors.

We protect people and property. Our on-site security guards control access to premises, provide security protection, conduct site inspections and can provide frontline concierge and switchboard services. Guards are carefully chosen to ensure the right personality or physical �fit�. Sometimes a friendly, ambassadorial approach fits the bill, yet in other situations our guards need to be anything but cute!

There�s nothing like the element of surprise for catching criminals off-guard, which is why our mobile patrol service gets such good results.

In addition to ensuring premises are properly locked and property is secure, patrol people perform random security checks that mean those up to no good never know when they may be caught red-handed.

Armourguard Parkwise keeps traffic flowing smoothly by making sure that people keep within allocated parking times � and places.

We're New Zealand's number one provider of secure cash in transit and cash processing services. Our complete banking service includes point-to-point cash and valuables transportation, supplying tamper-proof bags, counting and direct crediting cash, and delivering or collecting valuables from national or international flights.

We clean up spills and litter in streets, open spaces and parks, collect refuse, and control graffiti. Armourguard's Streetwise team is identifiable by bright green and blue vehicles and smart matching uniforms that add an extra security presence to the inner city.

We make airports a pleasant experience for everyone. Our intuitive team is always ready to offer a helping hand to airport users and visitors. Taxi compliance, vehicle access and obstruction are also dealt with efficiently and professionally.

We assist retailers to deter potential shoplifters, correctly manage offenders and recover expenses directly from offenders. Other services include staff training in dealing with thieves, tracking staff-led shrinkage, video tape analysis, undercover operatives and mystery shopper programmes.

Armourguard's Transitwise officers are akin to bus inspectors � but with a positive 'can help' attitude! These skilled ambassadors offer assistance and enhance passengers� wellbeing. In addition, Transitwise staff monitor buses for damage and provide valuable information to bus owners.

An integral part of the Auckland Airport community

I like Armourguard�s transparency: they are open in all of their dealings with us and consistently keen to understand and meet our needs.  There�s a real willingness to do a great job and I can rest assured that they will reliably deliver a great service.

Paul Divers, Manager � Transport - Auckland Airport

We enjoy great service from Armourguard.  Their store detective is fantastic: professional, motivated and enthusiastic.  It makes best sense for us to use a qualified security professional because they know all the tricks of the trade � and they come ready trained to do the job.

Melissa Scott, Operations Manager - Brookfield New World

Keywords: Anti-Social Behaviour, Security

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From qualified personnel to manage event security - to regular guards based on-site - Armourguard has the right people for the job. Armourguard offers a variety of guard security services that protect employees. Top executive protection and staff escorts. Building and site access control.


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Armourguard Streetwise enables councils to create cleaner cities, improve security and to offer other ?citizen-friendly. What?s more the Streetwise team are in constant radio contact with the Police or local council if they see problems. Streetwise team members are identifiable by their bright green and blue vehicles and their smart matching uniforms.


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The Walkwise programme has already proven a success in several New Zealand towns and cities, where each initiative has been developed in close consultation with local councils, community groups and the NZ Police to ensure it suits specific local requirements. Walkwise ambassadors offer a helpful and friendly alternative to traditional security and enforcement, aiming to create a safer environment by working in conjunction with the community.


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From the first time I started working with Armourguard, I have found them to be nothing but professional in their approach. Andy Boulton, Operations Manager, Caleta Streetrace Management - ITM400 Hamilton V8 Supercar Round. Our two businesses work together as a team and there?s always good communication with each other. It?s a pleasure to work with Armourguard.