Cotton glove - Interlock Glove - Inner Glove

By: Armour Safety  06-Dec-2011
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This is the thinnest of cotton gloves made of a tightly woven cotton fabric offering excellent dexterity for light assembly work. Reversible and can be used as an under or inner glove with a leather or PVC glove over the top. Many of these gloves are sold to collectors who don't want their hands to come in contact with the collectibles, but who need very good "feel". Other uses have included being worn by people with a tendency to scratch themselves in their sleep, people who get bad dermatitis from dust or dry substances, people wanting to protect painted nails and being used as an underglove for boxing gloves or situations where hands may sweat.

Sizes from S to L. 12 pairs per packet, 300 pairs per carton.

Keywords: Cotton Gloves, Gloves

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We understand you might not be sure which glove will best suit you or you might want to check out the quality of our vests or raincoats before placing an order. One of the ways in which Armour is different is that we offer free samples of any of our products delivered to your door. So try before you buy without obligation.


Polycotton Gloves, Nylon gloves, Cotton Gloves

Polycotton gloves are the most common of gloves as they are cheap and comfortable to wear providing basic protection from abrasion. They provide little or no resistance to wetness, chemicals or heat but they do allow the wearer good sensitivity and dexterity. The Cotton Terry Loop Pile gloves is a thick cotton glove providing protection in low heat situations.


Fingerless 100% Cotton Glove

Unlike the cotton interlock glove, this is a knitted glove like the polycotton, so has that extra thickness. This is a popular glove for those who want to keep their hands warm but need full use of their fingers. It is 100% cotton for extra warm and comfort.


Polycotton gloves - Budget/Economy/Cheap/Knit Glove

Our gloves are "A" grade with a weight of 600 or 700g per dozen and are soft and comfortable to wear. Standard economical polycotton string knit glove with elasticised wrist. Beware of cheap, thinner imitations. These gloves come in sizes M.


Nylon gloves, Lint Free Gloves, Inspection Gloves

It is a good idea when selecting a nylon glove to ask for a sample to make sure you are getting what you want and can see/feel the difference. A higher gauge glove can offer better dexterity, but also provides less protection and durability. Suitable for use in the food industry and for all inspection type tasks. These gloves are a 10 gauge, 500+g/doz heavy duty nylon glove. The lower the gauge, the thinner the glove.


Black Dot Gloves, Polycotton Black Dot Gloves

Black PVC dots on the front of the glove give extra grip, abrasion resistance and durability extending the life of the glove. Our gloves are "A" grade with a weight of 600g per dozen and are soft and comfortable to wear. Standard economical polycotton string knit glove with elasticised wrist.