Plastic Pipe Systems for Hot and Cold Water Transport, HVAC, Products

By: Aquatherm  06-Dec-2011
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fusiotherm®-pipe system

The fusiotherm®-pipe system made by aquatherm has proved its technical suitability in worldwide applications for 25 years and is highly recognized by experts as one of the most extensive and at the same time best plastic pipe system.

aquatherm lilac

Reclaimed and recycled water sources, and rainwater catchment systems are being specified and installed much more frequently as building and plumbing codes are updated to allow this as means for improving water conservation. The codes will require that the system be kept entirely separate from the potable water supply, and that the piping be colour-coded and labeled to identify it as non-potable.

The water from these sources can be used for:

The new aquatherm pipe system lilac has been developed exclusively for these applications. The piping uses the same durable, corrosion-resistant polypropylene material that has been successfully used for hot-and-cold water distribution for over 25 years.  This, combined with design modifications, colouring, marking, and independent third-party certification by NSF International, make lilac the ideal choice for water conservation.

climatherm-pipe system

The system includes all components for chilled and hot fluid installations. climatherm stops corrosion damages. Air conditioning systems installed with metal pipes are affected by corrosion at the outer and inner surface of the pipes. climatherm is manufactured from 100 % corrosion resistant and completely stabilized raw material, which increases the life-time of chilled water plants considerably.

aquatherm-underfloor heating systems

aqutherm-underfloor has reached a very successful market position in the field of underfloor heating just after its foundation. Constant development on the technical know-how and the great experience gained in the field of underfloor heating installations in different projects over years, have led to the fact, that aquatherm is always one step ahead, also in special applications. Combining aquatherm®-underfloor heating systems with fusiotherm®, climatherm or aquatherm®-SHT complete solutions are available for:

  • underfloor heating systems
  • open space heating
  • sports floor heating
  • agricultural applications
  • wall heating systems / chilled applications
  • industrial floor heating 
  • heating systems for renovations and new buildings
  • under-soil heating
  • sprinkler systems

firestop-pipe system

aquatherm firestop offers the user an extensive range of pipes and fittings for the installation of fire sprinkler systems for domestic, residential and commercial installations, which help save lives, homes and businesses.


An individual´s comfort and efficiency directly depend on the basic environmental conditions of his surroundings. Working efficiency varies according to temperature with every cooling degree. 


The aquatherm® SHT-system is suitable for systems in the field of potable water, heating and underfloor heating connection. The SHT pipe is connected by sliding sleeve technique. This type of connection technique is easy and neat in appearance.

Keywords: Air Conditioning, Heating, Pipe, Plastic Pipe, Underfloor Heating