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By: Ap Woodham  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Confectionery, Food Packaging, Flow Wrap

We produce a wide range of products for food packaging including: flow wraps, food wraps, confectionary wraps, pattie papers and soaker pads. Our purpose built Food Packaging Department, follows HAACP – a recognised food safety programme, which allows us to supply the likes of Fonterra and Cerebos Greggs.

Our food products include:

Manufactured on-site, we are capable of customizing the wax specifications. Paper can be waxed on one or both sides; plain or printed.Used for Confectionary Papers, Cake papers, Meat separators to name a few.Custom sizing is available to suit your individual needs, available in custom shapes, in sheets or on a roll.All Wax Paper is FDA compliant.


Grease Proof paper is resistant to most common oils and fats; helping reduce the problem of seepage. It can be used for Confectionery, Baking trays, Chocolate manufacturing, Muffin wraps, Pick up sheets, Burger wraps, Ice cream cone wraps and the like of.Available in Plain or Printed, and can be manufactured to customize your individual needs. Delivered to you in sheets or roll form.
All Greaseproof Paper is FDA compliant.


Our Parchment Paper comes in plain or printed, and can be custom manufactured to your individual needs.All Parchment Paper is FDA compliant.


Silicone is a high quality Baking paper, able to be used several times before needing to discard it.Custom sizing is available to meet your individual needs.
Silicone Paper can also be used as a separator, for example separating rolls of Tape before packaging.All Silicone Paper is FDA compliant.


Manufacured on-site we are able to provide a fast turn around, we also have our own guilitine to customize your individual needs.Colours available are: Unbleached, Black, Blue and Pink. Soaker pads are ideal for Meat, Fish, Chicken and Horticultural packaging to name a few.All Soaker Pads are FDA compliant.


Manufactured on site we are able to meet your individual needs.We specialize in lollie wrap, Wax bar wraps and the like. We are also able to provide clear wraps plain or printed.All confectionery papers are FDA compliant.


Our Pie flow wrap is Dupont Polyester. We offer plain or Printed flow Wrap, you can also have the flow wrap perforated if required.We specialize is small runs from 50kg. We can also provide a quick turn around for your convenience.


Printed on flow wrap on Polypropylene (BOPP) and Polyesters. We also supply plain flow wrap.We specialize in small runs from 50kg and can provide a quick and efficient turn around for your convenience.
Uses include confectionary, Cookie wrap and the like.All flow wrap is FDA compliant.


Food wraps are idea for packaging products such as Burgers, Kebabs, Sub Rolls, Meat, Fish, Ice cream cone wraps and the like.Delivered in sheet or roll form.
Available in Plain or printed, and can be manufactured to customize your individual needs.All flow wrap is FDA compliant.

Keywords: Confectionery, Flow Wrap, Food Packaging, Greaseproof Paper, Parchment Paper, Silicone Paper, Soaker Pads, Wax Paper,

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We have our own paper converting plant where we convert paper, laminates, plastic, textiles and more. Offering up to 6 colour printing for a range of products including banners and flow wraps. We also have one of the largest capacity sheeting machines in New Zealand. Our two key services are flexographic printing and paper converting.