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By: Anthony Grant  05-Apr-2012
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Anthony is available to give advice of all areas of his specialist expertise.


Anthony is a seasoned litigator – see the page “Profile” on this site for information about the wide variety of cases in which he has acted as counsel.


The days when Barristers had two roles – to give advice and to argue cases in Court – are passing.

Litigation has three major drawbacks:  it is generally slow, it is expensive, and it is unpredictable.

It is unpredictable because the Judges in the High Court are not allowed to specialise.  Litigants may get a Judge who specialised in criminal law as a barrister and who knows very little about the area of law in dispute.

It is common for disputing parties to recognise the three major drawbacks of litigation and to try to agree to resolve their dispute in some other way.

Mediation has become the most popular option.  Here, a mediator uses his/her skills to try to get disputing parties to agree upon an acceptable solution.  It is a voluntary process.  The mediator can’t force anyone to do anything.  Despite these drawbacks, the process has proven to be incredibly successful at securing acceptable solutions.  Mediations tend to be quick and very cheap when compared to the cost of litigation.

Anthony is a qualified mediator – having passed both the LEADR course and the Harvard course in mediation.  He is available to act as a mediator.

He has been engaged as counsel for parties in many mediations, almost all of which have concluded with the parties reaching agreement.

Binding determinations

Mediation involves compromise.  Litigants who want a more principled way to resolve their dispute can agree to submit their dispute to an arbitrator.

Another alternative is to appoint a lawyer of known competency in the area of dispute and agree to accept his/her opinion as a binding determination.  Anthony has recently been appointed for this purpose in a contract dispute.

The benefits of this process, when contrasted with litigation, can be startling.  In the contract dispute his fee, with GST, was about $3,000.  The dispute that was resolved was pleaded in High Court litigation and the cost of getting a resolution was a fraction of the cost that the parties would otherwise have incurred.

Other services

Anthony has recently been asked to Chair a meeting of a Trust where there are some issues that make it desirable for an “outsider” to Chair the meeting.


Anthony is available to speak at in-house seminars.

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Keywords: Barrister, Commercial Law, Law

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